Hudson - Competency scan online test


Anybody taking this test? I am going to take it in five days and have no idea of what it looks like. Its for InBev. Thanks


Is it a general test used by Hudson, or a bespoke test they are using for InBev? Your best bet is to call your recruiter and ask him/her how best to prepare for it. I’ve never heard of it, but I imagine it will focus on competencies and perhaps be something like a [[situational judgement test]] - but I am only theorising.


In the email they said that the test will be used to assess my ability to detect operating principles in abstract information and to apply these principles on new information. Really have no idea bout it…
Thanks again


Check [[abstract reasoning]] and [[situational judgement test]] pages - they could help.


I took the test 2 days ago. Its easy, but time consuming. They grade you based on how many answers you got right, and how many you actually managed to do. It takes 2 days for the results to be evaluated, and i have received an e-mail form InBev in which they unfortunatelly said that they wouldnt be calling me in the next phase of the competition. Anyway, I tried to find the test ( and to access ) later on, but I couldn`t locate it anywhere on the net. Good luck.


Can you give us a couple of examples of questions and answers…

Sorry you didn’t get through - where are your applying next?


Ohh, I don`t know if I can give appropriate explanation of the questions asked. Actually, there are pics: blank, coloured ( fulled ) circles & quadrilaterals. On the on side you have one shape ( or circle or quadrilateral ) blank, or coloured, and modifiers in the middle of the screen F1 ( or F2, F3, F4… ) and on the other side you have modified shape; so again circle or quadrilaters that have been modified by modifiers.
Your task is to recognize the type of modification and than to implement such to another shape asked. Basically you have to recognize patterns of change and implement those just on another objects. It is really easy, although can be a bit confuzing. Sometimes you get 5 or six modifiers per one shape, and several pictures which need to be well studied before you can make a correct conclusion about the nature of modification.

Next, I will apply for some MBAs! Doing GMAT now, pain in the ass :smiley:


Hello igeorgiana , did you take the Competency scan online test??
what was it about??
anybody can help me about it please?
I have to take this test in 4 days as well!!


Hi everyone,

I have to take the InBev competancy scan online test in 48 hours… please if anyone has any idea what this involves do let me know!! Is there any other practice tests around like it? I am guessing from reading the above it is a sequence of patterns and you have to discover the pattern and predict the next one? is this correct…please help guys!!!