still working????


Hi guys

Tried to send and email to these guys and I always get the msg that the service in currently unavailable!!!
Anyone ussed them in the past? Any good???


I havent used them, but if you still cant get through to them then i suggest you try CV-Shop. I have used them, and I thought the work they did for me was great. Their site is


thanks are they any good or way to vague
have you ussed one called CItycv or cvcity I am not 100% sure


I used City CV and they were great - just helped me get my consulting job They are very experienced in working with grads in banking and finance plus you know who you are dealing with. You get what you pay for - the owner used to be a recruiter at Goldman Sachs and at Merrill Lynch and does most of the work herself plus interview coaching - very impressed - the link is