HSBC Values based phone interview



HIIIIEEEE! I am applying for GM in HK (live in UK).
After confirming you passed the tests I got asked which was my area of preference and subsequently received an email saying they will review my application and let me know if I am invited for a phone interview. Did you lot receive the same emails?? and after how long where you invited for the phone interview?


How did it go? Were you successful in the phone interview? If yes, can you please let me know when is the assessment center?


Hi Anybody successfully finished telephone interview and get into AC?


Did you? I had my interview yesterday at night. The interviewer said they are going to update me on a status in the next two days.


I received an email very quick after my interview says I met the minimum criteria but needs to wait for further assessment. How about you?


Hey guys! Anyone who did the telephone interview?


Ms.Stark, please share your feedback about the interview. Congrats on getting through


How was the interview?


I got phone interview from one recruiter a week ago lasting 45minutes or more, feels not very good. But got 4, 5 inquiries about my previous job experiences which includes some my previous HSBC China contacts reference check in this week, but no any further interview arrangement. I m wondering what does it mean.


I ve got for global markets securities services phone interview. Can you please tell me what questions did they ask you?


did you hear back from them afterward? I received the same email.


Hey, I am about to take the phone interview. May I ask how was it? Any specific question? Thank you so much


How long after did they tell you, yoy passed the telephone interview?


Hi Guys, I had my telefone interview and they told me that I passed! the interviewer told me that I will receive an email within 2 weeks if I am on the short-list otherwise you may call us after 2 weeks if you don’t hear from us.

One day after my phone interview, I had received an email in which they told me that they have tried to contect me but they couldn’t, they asked me to call them back ASAP and I did, then we have agreed to make an appointment for the face2face interview, next week Monday I will have my face to face interview! I am pretty nervous! And I am not sure how I will handle it, everything is quick!

If anyone has any tips I will really appreciate it!!!