HSBC Values based phone interview



Hey Guys

Thought I would share my experience with my recent HSBC phone interview I had, which I failed :frowning:

They look for you to explain examples in your life of HSBc three main values - openess, dependable and connected.

More detail in the link.

The big mistake I made was assuming I could use any example to for each value. NOPE. They ask very specific questions related to that value - for example Dependable I prepared a story of a lesson I had learned the hard way and how I grew from that. However his question was what was a challenging situation were you faced with… So I had to just wing it as I tried to use that example but the interviewer said “how was that challenging??? that was just a lesson learned”. So they really pick up on the specifics. I would recommend coming up with several examples for each value - just so you have all areas covered.

My feedback at the end was

OPEN - didn’t show further evidence and willingness to learn - being proactive, being ongoing with learning throughout my life

CONNECTED: no further evidence to show when working with someone and helping that person that I ask questions first and listen to that person before providing advice.

That’s all I got, they were happy with the rest apparently. But still wasn’t enough to get through, hope my information helps. Good luck guys - you need to prepare a lot for the call it’s 40 mins long!


Hi, I’ve got this interview tomorrow! Just wanted to ask how many questions they ask, do they just ask you one question per value?


Was this for a grad scheme or internship?


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just finished my interview with HSBC operations- worst interview ever and going to have another rejection letter:(.
The thing is it was not only competency questions, but also some market news questions and value-related questions like “what do you think values mean to a corporate?” Totally not prepared for such broad questions. And the competency questions are not common ones, but more specific, such as TMAT you worked with people from other divisions in your company?

All is for Operations but I think we should be prepared for unexpected questions.


Firstly … I would like to thank all your comments on here that had helped me in my infamous telephone interview… I took all of your comments on board and spent over 6 hours of my time researched relevant information,… Until you have been through this cold, robotic, unemphatic,elimination process, you can’t explain how there is absolutely no give or room for improvement or re-evaluation of your answer. Once you choose the wrong example of what you know are theirs and your values this company share, I’m afraid its goodnight Vienna!!. After
I got to 2 of their values question, they didn’t even give me the courtesy of sharing value number 3… I was stopped in my tracks, put on hold for a few minutes and matter of fact-ually told… Sorry Madam, you have been unsuccessful. They gave me feedback, which I could barely understand (she spoke ten to the dozen).
Basically, my downfall was to use 2 work experience examples (using 2 different jobs) for their values!! and for that reason…one can assume I am not capable of working in their organisation…not even with 20 years experience with glowing references in the same field.

So my tip is to definitely use 3 different examples of their values… they will ask every detail of that scenario, how it made the other person feel etc, what was the outcome!!.. Practice with a friend etc, because they will read their value from what is exactly as written on their website.


I had HSBC-technology interview today .
The only question that I wasnt prepared for and was not here was 'what are you skills ,knwdgle and qualification in software ,coding and bla bla .
Being from business background I have none that are impressive .I went for Skills in use of SPSS and bloomberg .
and ofcoarse Excel ,word ,powerpoint .
hope it helps .the rest were the same values and motivation based


hi all, I finished a telephone interview to day for ‘graduate executive Management trainee programme’.

I summarised these questions in 4 parts:

  1. how you performance in a team (tell me a time when you see someone has difficulties at work, why it is worth keeping someone whom does not perform well)
  2. Act as individual (give me an example when you volunteer a course (to improve yourself) in the past)
  3. to Customer (example of a time when dealing with customers concerns and complaints)
  4. why join HSBC? what can you bring to HSBC

Hope this help
Good luck


Hi I had an HSBC values based phone interview last week which I passed. The main thing I would say to most people who have a phone interview with them coming up is don’t underestimate the amount of preparation you have to do for this interview. It is a pretty standard competency based interview - I think I got asked about 7 or 8 questions…the person on the phone talked me through how the interview would be conducted. It lasted about 30 minutes. However, the one thing I would say is make sure you have more than one example prepared for each of the values listed - Openness, Connected and Dependable.In addition to this, what stood out for me in this interview compared to other competency based interviews I’ve had before is the amount of detail they expect you to put in your answers. When I was asked a question and I gave my example the lady on the phone picked up on parts of what I had said and asked for more detail on specific parts of my answer.I don’t think it is one of those things you can blag your way through. Make sure you have honest examples. One of the questions I was asked was ‘describe a time when you put someone else’s needs ahead of your own.’ I hope these comments help anyone who has a phone interview coming up with HSBC!!


Hello karishma.
Was the job you applied to HSBC a graduate scheme, internship or a work experience programme for students?


Has anyone done an HSBC phone or video interview in 2016? If so, any changes to what’s been posted in this thread so far?


I had the telephone interview on the 18th of August and passed it. They basically ask you a couple of competency questions revolving around how you work, how you deal with situations etc. Asking questions along the lines of ‘give me an example of when you went above and beyond’. When you answer these questions, they will pick out some of your answers and ask you to talk more about your answer in a bit more detail. As long as you’re not making up stories and as long as you’re confident and approach them well it’s all fine. They talk you through the three main values of HSBC as a company. Open, connected and dependable. Do some research regarding the values, the more you’ve researched and the more you understand about the values the better really. All in all its not a hard interview and I suffer really badly with confidence so as you can imagine I was quite worried. But do as much research as possible, you can never be too prepared for a telephone interview! Hope all goes well and hope this helps xx


I had the telephone interview on the 19th and passed. Have you heard back from them since? :slight_smile:


Yeah I have, took like over a week (they said it can take up to two weeks) but they should give you a call to invite you to the face to face interview. If not, you can still apply for HSBC in different roles and won’t have to do the telephone interview again X


How long did you wait from when you finished your second online assessment to the day you got an email/call for the phone interview?


Hey all,
I’ve got a telephone interview for - Global Banking & Markets, Global Banking Off-Cycle Internship - EMEA - London coming up pretty soon.

Was wondering if anyone out there could give any info for what to prepare for?

Thanks in advance


Hey, how long did you wait until you received notification to set up your phone interview? Also, did they notify you through email or phone call?


Hey, I received an email yesterday saying I have been invited to a telephone interview, I completed the psychometric tests on the 22nd september btw. What have u applied for?


Global Markets: Sales & Trading - graduate program in Canada


Applying for the same division, just the summer internship! Have you managed to find much stuff recently about the kinds of questions asked for GB? Can only find stuff from a couple of years ago :confused:
Hope the interview goes well!