HSBC (UK) Retail Banking Offer: Ask Me Anything



hi there,

I have just got an offer from HSBC for the retail banking graduate scheme so ask me any questions. This forum really helped me so I thought let me help someone else


Hey, how long after your assessment day did you receive a reply? Thanks


2 days after. When was ur assessment centre


Hi :slight_smile: i have an assessment centre coming up for retail banking and wondered if u could give me an insight what to expect thanks!


how long did HSBC took to give you written offer…from d verbal one


Hi there,

It took about 3 weeks. congrats on the offer by the way. what region you going to be in ??


Hi …
Thanks for ur reply. …
mostly d posting would be in North west f London. . Do they do background checks after joining Or before the written offer?


Hey what kind of questions did they ask you in your face to face interview?


hi there,
Has anyone applied for graduate scheme in retail banking with hsbc?what do they ask on the online numerical test?has anyone got the question?


Hi there! i applied. i passed two online assessment and waiting for my phone interview. i think you did as well right?? they just test your calculation capability. very easy



I’ve got a telephone interview scheduled for wednesday for the Retail Banking and Wealth Management Summer Internship, and I just wondered if you had any advise that would help me. Is it a values based interview or do they ask other questions such as why hsbc and why retail banking? Any help would be fantastic!

Congratulations by the way! :slight_smile:


Hey, I hope your interview went well!

I also have a phone interview for Retail Banking and Wealth Management soon, do you mind sharing your experience of the phone interview, what kind of questions they asked ect…

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Congrats…i have got a message for the online assessment for the post of cashier.Could you please guide that what kind of questions are in the online assessment,


Hi I have an assessment centre for the Retail Banking and Wealth Managment internship this summer, any help would be greatly appreciated


hi can u tell me what questions do they ask for telephone interview?? and what kind of questions are in online assessments.


Hi! I have my AC lined up for April 1st for the RBWM Graduate program for HSBC. Please can you tell if there were any numerical tests on the day? I had a logical reasoning test online and post which I was invited for the Telephone interview. Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi! aimgrad2016, wondering how’s your AC goes? Im having an upcoming telephone interview for RBWM, any advice for it please~ such as how long it last and what kind of question they ask?


hey! its divided into parts - competency based, tests your knowledge about the banking industry and also how you can give relevant examples from your life that relates to HSBC’s values. hope that helps! the interviewer (in my case atleast) was pretty friendly. best of luck!!


Hi! I’ve got an AC in a couple of weeks for the RBWM Grad porgramme. I just wondered whether they ask you to do any numerical or logical tests on the day?

Any help is really appreciated!


Hi aimgrad 2016 - can I ask how your AC went, and what to expect? I.e. numerical/logical tests? Role play exercise and interview I assume? Mine’s in a week or so. Hope you did well Thanks :slight_smile: