HSBC Telephone Interview Operations Division


I will have telephone interview for operations this Friday at 945pm. Anyone have telephone interview with HSBC operations before? Any hints? It is a bit strange the interview will be helf at 945pm, I am wondering if this is because HSBC outsourced HR department?


any comments plz?


I interned with HSBC in Asia after my first year.
Standard competency based interview and your interest in the division you applied. Also 945pm definitely means outsourced or from a different country HR Team.
Is this for Full time or Internship?

Good luck


Hey sc_briz. Thanks. Can you give me any idea about what kind of competency based questions will they ask? E.g. Why HSBC? Why Operations? Give example of teamwork? Give example of leadership? Give example of chanllenge work you hv done? Any more?


As far as I can remember, they asked me Why HSBC? How is HSBC different from other financial institutions? Describe a time when you solved a problem using your initiative? Why did you choose your degree at your university? An example of a time when you’ve worked outside your comfort zone?

I think it gets more difficult and technical if you’re going for a Full Time Position.
Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


Thanks, sc_briz. I finished telephone interview, and received the following emails two hours after the interview:

Dear XX,

Thank you for participating in the recent first-stage interview with us. We are delighted to confirm that you have been successful in meeting the minimum criteria we look for.

Due to the high volume of quality applications, we will be conducting a final review of all successful candidates prior to the next stage of the selection process, the final-stage business assessment centre. We will advise you as soon as possible with further details.

We thank you in advance for your patience and your continued interest in HSBC.

Best regards

HSBC Graduate Recruitment and Development

I assume I passed the telephone interivew. Right? But, what does " conducting a final review of all successful candidates prior to the next stage of the selection process, the final-stage business assessment centre." mean? means there will be some chance that I will not proceed to the AC?


@ Jobinbank

I guess that now all the successful candidates in Telefonic interviews applns, resumes, results and all other details will be reviewed by managers of the concerned department to which u applied and they’ll decide your suitability. depending on your work ex, ex curriculars and other details etc…

But i Think there is a fair chance of proceeding to AC as otherwise they would have rejected after the telefonic interview itself, but there is also a lilltle possibility of getting rejected though.

Anyhow wish you all the very best and hope u proceed to AC.

May i ask how was ur telefonic interview, what questions can be expected, how long did it go, and after how many days did u get this particular result?

I had given the numerical test and they gave me a message saying that i passed the min benchmark they are looking for and will get back to me soon…

did u get the similar message or any other message, and after how long did they confirm you abt your telefonic interview

btw i applied to Strategic Transactions Group Analyst posn - Asia Pacific

your comments and info is appreciated


I finished my online on 21/09, and they invited me to the telephone interview on 24/09. Very efficient. LOL. And I got the exactly the same message as yours.

The questions for telephone interview are standard competency questions. E.g. Why HSBC? Why this postition? What kind of resarch you have done? Teamwork, Leadership, Chanllenge Situation et. al. But… they asked a lot (10 questions) during 30 mins. I ran out of examples at the end. I guess you should prepare for more examples.



Hi jobinbank

I have my telephone interview coming up soon for the operations division.Besides the competency you listed, could you please provide with more questions? I would really appreciate that.



Hello people,

I have applied for the global markets - sales graduate programme and have been imvited to a telephone interview.
How did your(people who have had their interviews) telephone interview? Was it all competency based and how long did it take??

Any advice in regards to the trypes of questions/examples will be greatly appreciated.

Muchos gracious


they dont ask any techinical or commercial questions. good luck. sorry for late reply


thanks jobinbank.Did you hear back from them? I have come interview tomorrow.fingers crossed.keep me posted.

@ ShanAce : I will let you know tomorrow as I have my telephone interview tom.



i got my interview for the strategic transactions unit this friday


My application is still under review. I was thinking if I should ask them via Email. Good Luck with your Interview. Keep update your process.


Well had my interview today.I received the same message as you,jobinbank,saying I have successfully met the criteria blah blah.I guess that is a automated reply.LOL! dont know really.


hey alive,

could you please shed some light about the interview? what questions did they ask and how long did it take?

Your help is much appreciated.



Hey ShanAce

Well the interview was supposed to be 30 min but it took me 28 min to answer all the questions they asked.LOL

So here are the questions.The Hr said she will ask 10 questions.

  1. Why banking and finance ?
  2. Reasons to apply for HSBC?
  3. Describe a time when you show persuasiveness.
  4. When you worked in a group and what challenges did you face?
  5. A time when you had to do several tasks at the same time.what were the challenges you faced.What did you learn from the experience?
  6. A time when you had to perform a task/activity in which you had no prior experience about it.How did you go about it? What did you learn?
  7. A time when you worked with a person who had a different style than yours.How did you go along?What was the outcome?
  8. A time when you had give a presentation? How did you prepare? Who was your audience? What was the outcome?

This is all I can remember at the moment ShanAce.I will brain storm and let you know the other questions but most importantly I have definitely written down the most tricky questions they asked.

Hope this help you man.All the best to you.Good Luck!


Hi, everyone, good luck for your interviews.

How many tests are there for Operations??? Both Numerical or Verbal??? I just got invitation from HSBC, and not sure how many tests I will take.

Could somene provide the detail on which questions HSBC asks in Telephone interview for Operations?

Thank you so much, best wishes to everyone.


Hey, I got my interview with HSBC today evening… What kind of questions do you ask at the end of an interview with the HR?



you are in Asia ?