HSBC Telephone interview ---Help!


Hey I was recently selected to telephone interview. I applied for Global market --research. Anyone can help???


Hi Raichi.
I have attended the telephonic interview stage last year when I applied to technology.
I was succesful in the telephonic stage, and went till the last screening (AC)…
But I am sure, the telephonic interview is same for everybody,HSBC mainly focuses on motivation. If you are truly motivated for HSBC and can demonstrate it to them and have excellent numeracy and analytical skills, I guess you have pretty good chances.

This year I applied to the Global Market Research program, but I was not even invited to the numerical reasoning stage and was unsuccessful.
Could you please tell me what educational background you have.

I have a Masters in computer science. Do you think this could be due to the degree ?


Hey Crazyfrog1
I did my interview this morning. it went really bad…
I am not so sure if that is because of the degree. But it seems to me we need a concrete financial and economic knowledge. I am doing a master in economics rite now.


I am sorry to hear that your interview didnt go well.
On what basis, you are saying that ?

What did they ask you , and which questions did you struggle ?

As far as concrete financial knowledge is concerned, but they have not mentioned as such in the requirements, have they ?


hi crazyfrog1, have they already sent u confirmination to say u have been unsuccessful? did u get a chance to do numerical tests? i have not heard anything or any updates…


Hi citychick1,
Yes, I have already been told that I have been un-succesful. I totally don’t get it though, as last time, I got through to the numerical test stage, on same qualifications and same answers to the motivational questions.

Wish you good luck with that!
Which other banks you have applied to ?

I have applied to the following.

Barclays Cap
JP Morgan
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sach


Raichi, What Questions did they ask you? Technical?


Hi all,
I had my telephone interview this morning and was told that I was successful but does anyone know how long it will take/how they decide whether to offer you a position for the next stage?


Hi all,
I had my telephone interview this morning and was told that I was successful but does anyone know how long it will take/how they decide whether to offer you a position for the next stage?



I have my telephone interview tomorrow for a full-time operations job.
Can you share some of the behavioral questions they asked you?



hello AaronBourne,
Firstly congratulations on your passing the telephone interview.
Could you please share what questions they asked you for the interview.
It would really help, as ive got mine day after tomorrow.

thank you


did you have your interview yet?
I have mine day after as well.
can you please tell me what questions they asked you?
were there any commercial awareness questions too?


I wasn’t asked anything commercial, I think that might be because not really applied for a specifically commercial programme. They asked me about integrity, experience of leadership and if there was a time in my life when I did something that I felt really passionate about and why it made me feel passionate.
I hope this helps!


cheers, any information helps … did you clear the interview? whats the next step?


Hey all,

i had my telephone interview a few days ago for Global Markets - Trading - Hong Kong. It went ok, they asked mainly motivational and recent news based questions. here are a few questions from the top of my head -

walk me through a recent news event. how has did effected global markets?
how has this effected hsbc?
what do you think the world would look like in 2050?
what are you career goals?
who is your role model in the financial industry?

i recieved an email 2 hours later saying that i met the minimum requirements for this stage but due to a high volume of quality applications, they will have to review the short list again before sending out invites to the AC.

Has anyone heard anything yet regarding the AC?



I applied for GBM-Global Research and I’ve been invited to attend the AC next Monday, but the AC is only for research. I think they are still mostly on the telephone interview stage.


Hi everybody,
I have tomorrow a telephone interview for the position Analyst - Full Time - Amanah - Global - The Middle East on the 2012 Global Businesses Analyst Programme. can anyone tell me how the questions look like? many thanks


HSBC GBM Finance Summer Intern:
This is the most unique interview I have done ever. It’s just like an imagination test. At the very beginning, she asked me what the world will be after 50 years. Remember to give three aspects of changes in the future world. Then she followed up by asking what will these changes impact finance sector and how HSBC will react to these changes. She also asked about the importance of the value of a firm and the value of HSBC. So please prepare for that. The other questions are why HSBC, why Finance. At the end of the question, she also asked my application process with the other companies and what the positions that I applied for. I suggest answering finance position as well because it shows your career passion.


The imagination round was cool. Really interesting. !! Well Guys I have a telephonic interview with HSBC for Customer Service this Tuesday. Can any one help me out what kind of questions they are going to ask? I started preparing long back. I know its cheating but still its a part of preparation.
Thanks in advance. Any information in highly appreciated.