HSBC summer internship AC/ PwC telephone interview


I got lots of help from wikijob and I recently got an offer from HSBC. so I will post questions they asked here. Hope they are helpful!

Telephone interview:

  1. Why HSBC? Why the division?
  2. recent news that you find interesting? what are the possible impacts on HSBC? what should HSBC do to deal with possible threat?
    3.what do you think of the trend of banking sector?
    4.the world in 2050?(3 points!)
  3. How important are the values of a firm? What are the values of HSBC? How can the values help HSBC to deal with the financial crisis?
  4. Your role model?
  5. Your plan in 5 years?


  1. numerical test. If you can’t pass the test, you can not continue to take other interviews in AC.
  2. Case study and presentation to one assessor.
    mainly about investment opportunities in emerging markets, especially in China. 40min for preparation, 10min presentation followed by 25min Q&A.
    read materials fast! no need to finish the reading. ready to talk about things not in the reading pack to impress the assessor.
  3. motivational interview
    why HSBC? what skills make you suitable for the role? give example to support your point.
  4. 2 business interview
    business interview1: totally competency question. Be confident when talking about your experience.
    business interview2: what do you know about the division you applied for? what’s daily job?
    Change in banking sector these years?
    give examples of financial regulations.(best prepare 2 regulations)
    competitors of HSBC? what the strength of HSBC over other competitors?
    I got the offer a few hours after AC.

PwC telephone interview:
Why pwc? why the division?
Give an example of an ideal client of pwc? what challenges has the company encountered? how can pwc help?
how do you research pwc?
Time when you spoke out a particular issue in the work place or report a person/ colleague?
Time when you were asked to do sth unethical?

I passed the telephone interview and will attend the AC next week. i will update my AC experience then.


You are a beautiful human being! :slight_smile:

For HSBC, what was the position you applied for? Was the case study in a group or individual? Did you find it hard?
What about the SHL? Harder or easier than electronic version?


Case study is individual. It is not very hard, just a lot about emerging market. I will suggest you to research more about emerging markets, especially china.
SHL numerical test is paper based, not very hard again. If u can pass online test, it won’t be a problem. 20questions in 20min. I finish all question and still had time for review.



Hey I have my tele. interview coming up with pwc. can you please elaborate the questions u just mentioned? what is an ideal client of pwc, if they ask me this que they would certainly trap me…:/…how long did ur interview last?? and were there just 2 competency ques??



My interview last 26min and there were only 2 competency questions all about integrity. I did’t prepare for the question actually so I just talked about mark&spencer. Such as why it is an ideal client(FTSE 100 company and encounter some difficulties recently), how PwC can help it(consulting, assurance). After I talked the example the interviewer asked for one more difficulty that the company faced.


Hi Krainajoyce, I have the PwC AC on 31th Jan (London Office), how abt you?


Hi Krainajoyce, I have the PwC AC on 31th Jan (London Office), how abt you?


Hi Krainajoyce, I have the PwC AC on 31th Jan (London Office), how abt you?


Hi Krainajoyce, I have the PwC AC on 31th Jan (London Office), how abt you?


Mine is on 30th Jan:)


I just finished my AC with pwc.

  1. written exercise.
    about water conservation. only 30 mins
    i will suggest read the material quickly. i don’t have enough time to finish the report.

  2. group discussion
    discussion about a sustainable method to develop by-products of an oil company.

  3. numerical test and diagrammatic test