HSBC Retail Management Trainee - Assessment Centre - Experiences Please!


I have an Assessment Centre session booked with HSBC next week. I have read the HSBC website as well as searching Wiki Job site, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone who’s posted anything about Retail Management programme app experiences with HSBC. I would be very grateful if anyone who’s been through the Retail Management AC before could share some detailed experiences about what the day involves - I would like to know what to expect! I shall share my experience too afterwards!


Hi there, I also have an AC this month for retail. Have you had yours yet? How did it go? Any advice?


Hi, I seem to be having AC sometime soon. Since you have been to one, can you please please shed some light .

Some tips will be greatly appreciated.

Thank in advance.


I have the assessment Centre soon, could you shed somelight on yours?

Thanks in advance


I have an AC for Global Market Operations. Any advice?


Hi everyone,

I have a telephone interview for retail banking and wealth management coming up. Would anyone have any examples of the type of questions HSBC will be asking during this interview?

Congrats to everyone who has managed to get through this stage so far : )


Sjw I would be extremely greatful if you could share any experiences of the assessment centre for retail management? many thanks!


Hi guys, Just thought I should write a post on HSBC’s retail and wealth management AC since no one else has…
So here goes:
Start - 9am where you meet the other candidates
First Exercise -
One to one role play where you interact with a client and decide whether to provide a large loan. You have 10 minutes to read through a packet, understand what questions to ask the client and plan a convo in general. The client then walks in and you have a convo for 15 mins. You need to build a relationship but also make sure you gather all the facts to make a decision. You then have 5 minutes to explain to your manager your reasoning for whether the loan should be given. The manager then spends five minutes questioning you on this decision. Remember to be very professional and really imagine you were in that situation!

Analysis Exercise - Quite a tiring one since you have 55 minutes to go through a massive booklet and write a report on providing improvements to a particular branch based on the info. Remb to manage your time well here but also get key details which you will need later.
Group Exercise - Is based on the info from the analysis exercise and you discuss with the others at the AC about the improvements that you think needs to be made. Again be relaxed, speak up, eye contact and do NOT be too agressive - also stick to the task!

Interview - this was quite cleverly done since they ask you first how you did on the previous exercises and then tell you to provide an example of how you did that in the real life i.e. you can’t just exaggerate about stuff u did in uni since if you didn’t do it in the AC exercises it wont be a very reliable example. But the interviewers are quite relaxed and just take your time to think about the question and give an honest answer that actually answers the question!
Also, HSBC staff and grads spend a lot of time talking to you which is good since it calms you down, but also I do think they were testing whether you fit the culture there and general maturity… Overall, a very professional AC and if you show passion, confidence and maturity you should do well! Good luck everyone…


Hi everyone,

i have an HSBC operational leadership AC coming up in a months time - has anyone had one recently and want to offer some advice?

msra do you think yours will be similar for different specialisms?

any help will be extremely appreciated



hi, I just wanted to ask did you have to do the numerical test again when you went to the assessment centre?


hi, I just wanted to know if you had to do the numerical test again when you went to the assessment centre?


Hi, what programme did you apply for? And what email did you receive saying that because I never saw an email saying that


Yh i did, mine is on friday but I have not seen an email saying that, I’ve prepared for it anyway just in case but I was never too sure, because like I said I never received an email saying that we will have to do a numerical test, in fact I was never told what the schedule was just that it started at 9 and finished at 3. The only info I’ve got was just stuff I searched on the Internet about HSBC assessment centres.


ive applied for operations and my confirmation email also just says 9am-3pm - no indication of what exercises we’ll take part in


Hi guys
I have an assessment centre booked in April for HSBC’s RBWM grad scheme. Can anyone please recommend any websites or courses or workshops to practice group exercise, role play and face to face interview??!!
Many thanks


hi XM111,

I have the assessment center as well in April for the same program!


Hi Achi,

That’s brilliant… when in April? could you please share some inputs on your prep!!


Hi msra,
I have an assessment centre coming up soon for the internship programme so would you be able to give me a bit more information about your day?
What was your analysis exercise on?- Like would you have to research into anything before the day?
What sort of questions were you asked? Any challenging ones that I should prep for in particular?
Are they competency based questions?

Really appreciate your help,


Anyone completed an assessment centre for HSBC RBWM Internships?
If so, I would really appreciate any help that you could provide me! (Structure, Questions, etc)