HSBC requested for DOB and NI number for Next Stage


Hi guys,

I have applied for graduate programme 2013 at HSBC Commercial Management.
I received an email confirming telephone interview; also asking for DOB, NI and 5 years residential address.
Even though I am 22, my dad said it is illegal to ask DOB before making an offer, as they should not factor that in the decision making process!
Is it common to ask these questions during a telephone interview?
Pardon me, I am just warming up to making applications so not familiar!

Let me know your thoughts!



Hi, yes it illegal as far as I know(along with some other personal data)… in some applications(online forms) they collect data for diversity monitoring, but this is strictly separated from app questions etc.(those who make decisions never get to see this). It seems strange to me to ask for this in such a way.