HSBC RBWM Graduate Programme AC - Jan 2018



I went to the HSBC RBWM AC in Jan 2018. I didn’t find much relevant info about it before my AC and thought it’d be helpful to share with you guys a bit of what happened.

The AC took place in Birmingham. You get to choose whether you’d like to have your 2-hour AC in the morning or the afternoon. The pros and cons are obvious for each time slot: in the morning your interviewers are more energized & fresh, but you suffer from early morning commute, whereas in the afternoon the commute is better but you might get exhausted interviewers who can be difficult to please. These interviewers are mostly outside examiners and do not come from HSBC.

The AC is composed of 4 parts - group work, presentation, solving a business problem, and an 1-hr interview.
In group work, you need to work along with a few fellow candidates to pick one topic and elaborate on how you’d like to approach it. What they really look for is leadership and collaboration. Namely you need to appear self-assured & make autonomous decisions and collaborate with teammates.
In presentation, you are given a PC and three envelopes w three nouns. Pick one and you have several minutes to research about it on the internet and present what you’ve found to the examiner. I guess what they are looking for here is really how strategically organized you are when it comes to research and how clearly you deliver information. The width or depth of the info you find doesn’t matter.
In solving a business problem, the problems is very similar to the one you do online before the AC. I think the point is to make use of as much info as possible while logically and reasonably deliver your solutions. You need to also show that you know how to deal with managers and customers.
The 1-hr interview is just like any other interviews, except it is more relaxing and personal. But would recommend you prepare it with some knowledge about HSBC and RB.

Good luck to those of you applying.


Thank you. This was very useful.


Thanks for your sharing! very helpful!

Would you mind sharing which nouns did you get and more details about the case in group discussion ? Thanks in advance!!


Do you have any tips for the HSBC assessment centre? Cheers :smiley:


Have you found anything that we could use as practice? Waiting for my AC invitation for CB position :slight_smile: I will be happy if you could share anything you found please.