HSBC Premier Relationship Officer - Call center


Hi all, I’ve applied for Premier Relationship Officer, passed telephone interview now having the face to face interview soon. Quite worried about the exercise as it seems that could be anything from role play to…depend on Hiring Manager. Does anyone experience the face to face interview and the exercise for this position? Would be absolutely grate to have some tips. As I’ve understood the role play or any exercise seems to be more difficult than expected…

Thanks guys


Hi, I have telephone interview with HSBC on tuesday, can u advice me the kind of questions and examples they asked u during the interview. I will appreciate your response as my in terview is just 2morrow afternoon. Please if u can help with examples will be highly appreciated.





The tele interview is quite relaxed, is competency based and as a questions Can you discribe me a time when you showed initiative? good customer service, why hsbc? why this position? having a deadline? If I will remember something else I’ll let u know. Just try to be relaxed, positive and very very self-confident.

Good luck



hi milena, thanks for the reply, but i was wonderinb if u could help site some examples as thisis my first timeof doing something like this. Thanks


When you are invited to the telephone interview, you should be told the competencies they will be assessing. There’s quite a few, and if you don’t understand what they are, you need to ask the person to explain what exactly it is they are trying to assess under that competency and make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare. In my telephone interview, there were a couple of motivational questions (why HSBC? why the role?) then 2 competencies were assessed - 2 questions each.

The face-to-face interview process takes 3 hours. It is not fully a competency based interview, except for a couple of competency based questions. It is a very probing interview, designed to assess what kind of person you are.

The role plays are just what they say. You are expected to absorb considerable information in 10 minutes then conduct telephone calls with someone who sits with their back to you. You have all the information in front of you. But obviously you cannot predict how the “customer” is going to be.

I was not successful at the final stage. The feed back I got was:

"Thank you for your request for feedback, and I am sorry you were not successful in this instance, I know you will be disappointed.

Our interview process and role plays are designed to assess the candidates motivation for the role of Premier Direct Relationship Officer, as well as the ability to manage their emotions and anticipate the emotions of others.

We look for evidence of pro-actively trying to build relationships with the customer, i.e. talking about personal interests, getting to know them better, we look for a strong professional impact, e.g. in control and assured, and we look for products to be presented in a way that relates to customer needs and appeals to the customer’s motivations, whilst also taking into account longer term aspects of the customer’s needs.

Unfortunately in this instance all our required criteria has not been evidenced."

Firstly I wasn’t disappointed at all, I was relieved. And it was fortunate, not unfortunate.

In my opinion, the interview is a two-way process. I’ve done a lot of interviews in my time, and I have to say, this interview - especially the role play section - was the second of 2 horrible interviews I’ve had. The first person who did the face-to-face 1.5 hour long interview (far too long if you ask me) was really nice and I was quite relaxed during it. Then someone else took over for the role plays. I think the fact that by comparison he was horrible is all part of the design. It was a bit like being plunged into a freezing pool of water after sunbathing. He bounded into the room and started barking instructions like a prison officer. Not a single courtesy was exchanged. Not a single smile. It was surreal. Obviously I can see why the good cop bad cop philosophy works in a Police Station. But I think in an interview for a job, where people are nervous, and don’t know the company’s products or processes, it is not likely to bring out the best in people. To make the role play thing worse, every single customer represented was horrid. It really was a totally unnatural, unlikely situation to be in.

Good luck to anybody going through the process. But if you notice, they are constantly advertising for staff. They say they have a very low rate of attrition, which I’d believe. Because they really are looking for some quite unique individuals for this role. If the interview process is anything to go by, I wonder how good would be the experience of actually working for them.


Hey Studerino,sorry you didn’t get thru. Hope u found something else. I currently have a face to face interview and role play exercise and would like you to give me more details on the scenario-what did you have to deal with specifically with the customer?

Your help will be much appreciated.