HSBC Phone Interview - Summer Internship


Hi all,

I have my HSBC phone interview lined up for next Monday.

Anyone has a clue what they ask ? Do they ask typical questions or do they have a special format like Barclays FLDP ?

Any advice is welcomed,

Thank you very much all,
Fingers crossed for you applications.


Any news anyone ? That would really be helpful and appreciated :slight_smile:


helo polo,

how was it??

could you please share their questions?? I have mine tomorrow for SA trading in London, which department have u applied for?

thanks a lot


Hey !
This is a first year program so there is no choice in the program !
There were three main topics and then they were asking a range of question in each. The interviewer seemed quite free to choose the questions in each range.
First range was about the behavior with others
Second one was about honesty and complying to the rules
Third one was on curiosity and willingness to learn :slight_smile:
Hope this helps !


Hey! Has anyone been interviewed for the penultimate year internship? If so how did it go? HSBC don’t give you any tips on the types of questions. Just wondering if anyone could provide information?
What competencies were they based on?
Are there any questions other than competency based ones?



Has anyone been/invited to the Assessment Centre yet?


Hi, I applied for the penultimate year internship and passed the telephone interview and have an AC early December. The telephone interview is entirely competency based and is based around the 3 key values that HSBC lists.


Hey! I have a question regarding this program: i just applied, and have been sent a link to complete a “competency questionnaire” What is this exactly? It’s not a numerical or verbal reasoning test, is it? x


Hello! Have you taken your “competency questionnaire” yet? Could you pleaseee share your experience? How was it? Was it from Hudson?


Hey, I took the competency questionnaire, and then promptly received a rejection a few hours later. I found it quite unfair that HSBC evaluates applications based on such a subjective questionnaire, rather than a proper numerical or verbal reasoning test!! They give you statements and you’re supposed to select the one that is most like you, and the one that is least like you! I really don’t quite understand how that’s supposed to be fair!


Hello Suki-92,

I have a telephone interview coming up for a Markets Summer Internship, what kind of competency questions to they ask you on the phone?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Hi apple, I’ve got a telephone interview for a penultimate year internshiptomorrow afternoon and was wondering if you’d be able to give me some help? What questions did they ask you and was it purely competency based, or did they ask you anything about why banking, why HSBC or anything about commercial awareness?

Thanks for any help!


Hi guys, I also have a telephone interview this week for ‘Retail Banking and Wealth Management’ penultimate year internship at HSBC. Any help would be much appreciated. Could you give some examples of the competency questions, and are there any other questions such as ‘Why did you choose HSBC’, their values, or about why you are suited to the position.
Thanks in advance.


Hi wh123!

I’m sorry to read that noone posted any help for you so you must know how I feel as I have a telephone interview from HSBC. I hope your interview went well and I am sure you did your best. I would be really grateful if you could let me know what the questions were like or any hints and tips or simply just any advice as I have applied for:

Analyst | Intern 2013 | Finance | Global Businesses

Thank-you once again for your help! :smiley:


Hi, I will have a phone interview next Wednesday. I am applying HSBC Summer Apprenticeships Asia Pacific-Hong Kong-Hong Kong Island-Central. So it’s not specific to any departments or jobs. Could anyone share what question they might ask in the interview specifically? So it will be around HSBC values? Thanks


I just had the call and failed it. They look for you to explain examples in your life of HSBS three main values - openess, dependable and connected.

More detail in the link.

I would recommend coming up with several examples for each - as I only prepared one example for each value and then was ask very specific questions within that - which I had not prepared. My feedback was:

OPEN - didn’t show further evidence and willingness to learn - being proactive, being onging with learning throughout my life

CONNECTED: further evidence to show when working with someone and helping that person that I ask questions first and listen to that person before making advice.

That’s all I got, they were happy with the rest apparently. But still didn’t get passed, hope my informaiton helps good luck guys - you need to prepare a lot for the call it’s 40 mins long!


hey…do u still remember how long it took?? i have one phone interview for first year summer internship this thur… soooooo nervous.



Just thought I’d post on here in case you have any advice for me as I have an assessment centre for the Retail Banking and Wealth Managment internship program at HSBC, Id be very grateful for anything