HSBC phone interview [Global Banking Advisory programme]



I took the online tests of HSBC on Saturday night, and even if I didn’t have the impression to perform well, it seems that I have been sucessful because I have been invited to book a phone interview.

I am applying for the Global Banking Advisory programme (IDB), did anyone also apply for it ?

I saw that there is a post (probably more than one) about HSBC phone interview, but if someone had a phone interview for this programme, I would really appreciate if he/she could share his/her feelings, give a feedback of it, the kind of questions that may be “unique” for this programme.

Thank you very much for your help, and sorry for my English :wink:


are you applying for graduate or summer internship programme?


Sorry, I thought I had written it: I am applying for summer intern


I will be having the telephone interview for the same position (summer intern-global banking advisory) this Friday and will post the interview questions afterwards.


Ok itsunjacky, thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate !

I just went back on the HSBC website to try to book an interview, but I have this message :
Interview Booking
There are no open interview slots at the moment. Please try again later.

So, I’ll wait, but I think mine won’t be before next week … did you have the same notification ?


well, i guess what you have to do is keep logging in and checking whether there are slots available~


Did you have your interview today ? How was it ?
I hope you will hear good news from the HR team :wink:


Hello everyone:

Anybody who has already been in an assessment center at HSBC for executive management program?

I am really appreciated if you could tell me how is it organized? is there any test? Questions they ask?

Thank you


Hey everyone,

Just submitted my app for HSBC’s Global Banking Advisory summer internship. When did you guys hear back from them to take the online tests? Thanks!


Hi mrlordbyron,

I submitted my application a Thursday, and I heard from them the following Monday …
Once you take the online tests (numerical + verbal), you will usually know the answer the following day.

I had my phone interview Friday (2 days ago) and the interviewer was very nice, she made me feeling confident, andit seems that this is what everybody say about HSBC, so NO PRESSURE :slight_smile:

Good luck, and let me know how is it going.