HSBC Origination full-time role


I applied for HSBC origination full-time role two days ago and have not received any psychometric tests yet.
It says application under consideration. Is this good or bad?

Anyone else in the same position?

Apparently several people who applied for other areas in HSBC got invitation to do the tests within a few hours after submitting their apps…
any thoughts?

thank you very much


i didnt apply to Originations, but I applied to a different role in London.

Got invited to the numerical and verbal tests within 5hours of submitting the application!



I got the invitation to do the numerical last night after 3 days …so i assume it did not follow automatically, but after the initial screening.

I completed the test just now but unlike other banks, it says “you’ve completed the numerical test”, and nothing else…

anyone else got the same experience?

i also applied to credit suisse btw, but still puzzled about whether the application attached my cover letter eventually…they have such a twisted system!


yeah my status says the following after completing the numerical test. What about the verbal test?? didnt get any link for that!

Stage - You have completed the numerary test (SHL)


same boat guys, ive completed the numerical, nothing else to report. I’ll keep you updated.



I have not received any invitation for the verbal test yet…in fact i received an email from hsbc telling me to disregard the invitation to verbal test should i have received one as it is no longer required. strange, isnt it?

anyone else applied to Origination?


@ hazelground - ahhh… that MIGHT mean that HSBC doesnt do verbal tests anymore!


yes, that’s possible, but I think they still do verbal testing for certain areas like Sales, maybe…

anyway, heard anything back from them after testing?