HSBC or SocGen?


I’ve been offered a summer internship for both HSBC (Global Banking - Client Management) and SocGen (M&A).
Does anyone have any points that can help me decide which to do?
How do people view each of HSBC and SocGen, and what do you all know about them that would attract me or push me away?


Go with HSBC. SocGen have an incredibly awful reputation with internships. There’s usually no intention to make an offer after the internship. Saying that though, I’m not entire sure what HSBC client management team is? Ar ethey coverage bankers?


Yes, they do seem to be HSBCs coverage teams. Does that make a difference to your recommendation? Considering M&A is more impressive on a CV, is it worth going for SocGen based solely on that? Seems SG would give me more responsibility in the internship as well. What do you think?


If they’re coverage then I’d definitely go for HSBC. You’re mor elikely to get a full time offer from HSBC and in terms of ending up in M&A after the internship. (in other banks) you stand a pretty good chance of doing this from either.

At the end of the day though, when you start working, you’ll spend so many hours with these people that you really need to feel like you like the people you’re gonna work with else the experience will be awful. What were your interviews like? Which bank came across as the “nicer” bunch?