HSBC International Management




this is just a sample test on shl .if i recall correctly u ll have to do 21 questions in 21 mins in numerical and 30 questions in 15 mins in verbal …


I wouldnt worry that much about the numerical. The verbal is much harder to complete within the maximum time.


Hi Patricus,

Thanks for your comments/advice. As Im due to sit the IM phone interview shortly it would be much appreciated if you could advise the questions you were given? I guess they adjust the type of question to the scheme being applied for and as you are also applying for IM your help would be really useful.

Congrats on getting to the selection centre!

Paurna - i also recieved the same email as you after completing the online tests, seems the standard reply, and got invited to the phone interview 2 weeks later.


Hello Jimlondon,

The phone interview is a standard capability based discussion. The advices I can give you are (1) know your CV (perhaps you can have it printed out), (2) have a handful of examples to demonstrate you have the required skills, (3) review the description of the IM Programme to make associations and (4) listen carefully to the questions, take your time to respond and make him repeat if necessary!

Hope this helps,



Thanks Patricus, good advice and all taken on board, hopefully it will go well! When is your AC? Must feel great to be through to the final stage considering the volume of applications for this programme!


I received an invitation to the telephone interview after a month of taking the online tests. The interview was divided into two parts - The part that tests your conviction on the HSBC IM programme and the part where you are required to state examples where you had demonstrated various competencies (meeting deadlines, achieving a personal goal, leading a team, innovating). It lasted 45 minutes, and the interviewer will have given enough hints on the progress of your application (in or out).
I was then invited to the personality test within 2 days. The questionnaire is a test of your patience - 104 questions to be answered. My advice - ensure as much consistency as possible.
A day after the personality test, I got invited to the final AC.


Hi tatimatla,

when is your AC?


They are still taking care of the logistics. No concrete date yet.


Hey Patricus. Thanks for the valuable info. Much appreciated. However I had a few more questions about the telephone interview bit:

  • Do they ask any motivational questions at all? i.e. - why HSBC? why this program… etc…
  • As you mention they are strictly capability based questions, what sort of questions should I generally expect? ‘describe a time when you…’ type or are they very specific? Would greatly appreciate any examples!

Thanks a lot. My interview is in 2 days!



Hey tatimatla! Thanks for the info. However it seems there is a contradiction between what you say and what Patricus is saying with regards to the type of questions. So I should expect and prepare for some motivational questions in the interview? Would you kindly recall the questions you were asked? Also would greatly appreciate any examples of capability based questions that you remember…

thanks a lot!



Hello Ash,

There is no contradiction between what we said. They do inquire about your motivation for the program (i.e. they want to ensure you know what you are getting in). However, I would estimate that a lot more questions are capability based.
Do only thing you need for the interview is to be relaxed. Know your CV and the specifics of the program!




Thanks Patricus for the info! It was invaluable.

I just had my telephone interview and the details are as follows for anyone who is interested:

  • it lasted exactly about 45 minutes.
  • the interviewer was good and accommodating.
  • they asked 5 questions
    • 1 motivational question
    • 4 capability based questions

important things i was told to consider:

  • describe WHEN and WHERE the example situation happened.
  • give a description of the scenario but be concise.
  • summarize in the end.
  • try and connect the qualities they look for in your example.



All the best Ashraf!

I just received the date and time for my AC. It’s the 2nd and the 3rd of March, 2010, in Hong Kong. Hope to see some of u there!


its the same for me! see u there:)


Hi tatimatla and nnishmin,

I have my phone interview scheduled early January. Where do you guys come from? Does the location of the AC depends on where you apply? And one final question :wink: Since this is the first application I’ve submitted since I’ve graduated and I know nothing much about the whole process of applying jobs outside my country … do they usually sponsor your ticket and accommodation when you need to travel for an interview?


Hello everyone and congratulations and good luck to tatimatla and nnishmin!

Since you have both been successful in your telephone interviews it would be very helpful if you or someone who has gone through it such as Ashraf could please be more precise in the questions you faced, for example, what were exactly the 4 capability based questions?

All the best for the new year to all!


@fishy111 - I am not sure but I don’t think they will sponsor but I may be wrong. And yes the AC you attend depend on your location. From what I understand if you apply from UK your AC should happen before the rest simply because of the logistics.

@jelly - I don’t think they ask everyone the same questions. Also they ask secondary questions based on your answers and that depends completely on your answers. The topics roughly covered in my interview were on leadership, overcoming a personal setback, meeting deadlines and customer service. I think the questions would also vary depending on your prior experience - because the type of examples a fresh graduate can realistically provide should vary with the examples from someone with years of experience.

Good luck with your interviews.



@fishy111: They’re sponsoring your air travel and other travel expenses to the extent of 400 pounds. If you hail from a country outside the one that hosts the AC, they will provide accommodation. I’m from India.
@jelly: Thanks! My interview is a carbon copy of Ashraf’s.