HSBC International Management


I’ve applied to HSBC IM programme, I was wondering whether there is only a numerical test or is there a verbal test too!


You have to do both tests.


I Posted this query on another thread too, but just to increase my chances for response:
How many questions and how much time do you have for the numerical and verbal tests? Do you feel you were pressed for time?


I think its 25 questions, in 25 mins–u feel pressed for time if you dont practice, if you 're good at quant, then it should be a breeze


Thanks avam,
I’ve a mac, and apparently I can’t run the test on a Mac:(
I’d have liked to do the test in the comfort of my home but now I’m sorta stuck.
Now I definitely need to find a quiet zone, which is hard coz all the PCs on campus are in distracting environments. Anywhoo, thanks for the advice!


Hey Kixstar - good luck! 25 questions each for both verbal and numerical reasoning. They are from SHL and they seemed OK enough. Although I strongly recommend that you practice otherwise might not be a breeze.


Hey Guys ,

I have been invited to take the HSBC numerical test , I took the one practice test on SHL and didnt do very well could not finish the full 39 qs needless to say I need more practice are there any good practice sources for the numerical and verbal reasoning tests.