HSBC IM programme


I got a lot of private messages asking about the assessment centre of HSBC International Management programme… So I guess I would put more details on public post for everyone…

The assessment centre is very busy, very intensive and yet very enjoyable experience.

The first day is quite relaxing. You get ample time to get to know your assessors, and ask whatever questions you have. Though this day is not assessed, this is good opportunity to make an impression on the assessors, ask smart questions, show your genuine interest and enthusiasm and understand the assessor’s personalities.

Second day starts very early in the morning. The group of 8 is divided into subgroups of four. The first exercise was an interview with senior IM. The structure is very similar to the telephone interview where capability based questions are asked. Second was informal Q&A session again to ask any remaining doubts. It wasn’t assessed. Then we were given a big pile of documents which were representing my email Inbox. Everyone was given a role of consultant as it was as if our first day of work and the documents were like what I will see in my Inbox. Rest of the day was based on it. First task was a group meeting where four of us had given different ‘options’ to represent and finally we had to choose two options. Then again based on material in ‘Inbox’ we had individual written case study. Then we had an individual role-based interview. One assessor was performing a role and we needed to get some information from him. The background information was again present in the Inbox. Finally we had to give the presentation of different task we did during the day. Again it was individual exercise.

My tips would be: 1. to exploit the dinner night as much as possible to make an impression on assessor as well as to know there personality types 2. talk to everyone and be friendly and enthusiastic 3. get good sleep 4. next day when you get the inbox, browse quickly and prioritize the items 5. make sure you are not missing to read any important reference document 6. keep an eye on hints in the emails 7. again, be friendly, nice and enthusiastic… put yourself into role, think of it as a real life situation

Hope this helps!!!


Hi shahaoneal,
Thanks for sharing. It’s so informative about the AC structure. I just received an email that didn’t pass the phone interview. I thought it went well. I’m quite confident about this competency based interview. Passed 2 with big 4, but really don’t have a clue now where went wrong. HSBC don’t give feedback…

Think i’m going reapply again for 2010 intake. but have to start the whole process from scratch…

ps, did you manage to get the offer at last?



Hi Shahaoneal,

I have my HSBC IM AC coming up, I was wondering if they make you do numeracy and verbal reasoning tests again during the day. If so, for the numeracy test, are you allowed calculators, cause I know for some banks the numeracy tests at ACs are aimed to test your mental math.


Hi shahaoneal,

Were you successful in getting in? Is there any site whatsoever that can give me further info on the assessment centre for IM?

Thank you.


Hi everyone,

My HSBC IM AC is in London in January 2010. Anyone else having it then?




I have been invited to the International Manager Selection Center in Chicago in June 2010. I was wondering if you know if HSBC covers the traveling expenses (i.e. hotel and airplane tickets) of its candidates, or if you are expected to cover this on your own.

Will really appreciate your help!