HSBC Graduate 2019


Still waiting on hearing back after passing job sim, had multiple emails saying my app is being reviewed. Anyone know if I should email them and chase them up on it at this point? Been almost 3 months since I sat the job sim



Has anyone applied for the HSBC Markets - Sales Graduate Programme in London?
Wondering if AC invites have been sent out already.



how was your job simulation structured? thanks



Has anyone heard back from Global banking and markets - got my third email today, saying they are still reviewing. :expressionless:


Has anyone heard back from an RBWM AC that they had in January? Still waiting to hear back personally.


has anyone done the RBWM job simulation?



Has anyone been invited to an AC for Global Banking & Markets at HSBC? My application has been under review for a while so that’s probably not a good sign.



Has anyone heard from the Global Banking & Markets Graduate Programme? I got an email at the end of December that I passed the Job Simulator. But since then, I have been receiving these update emails, saying my application is still under consideration. Has anyone been invited to an AC or had their application rejected already?


Hi, I just wonder if anyone applied Global Operation and get invited for AC or rejected? I have been visiting for 5 weeks after finish Job simulation and haven’t got any reply. Anyone in the same situation?


Hi Lee,
I got rejected after the Job simulation test. I received their email like 2 weeks ago or so. Probably, you should email them and ask about that.


Anyone who was receiving the ‘still in review’ emails heard back yet?