HSBC Graduate 2019


Did anyone apply to HSBC graduate 2019?

Please share your experience, tips or anything you would like to share here!


I applied to HSBC Commercial Bank graduate.
I did the SJT&Job simulation test about two weeks ago and just received an email from HSBC saying I passed the minimum benchmark.
Anyone knows when they will invite you to the next stage of the process?


Has anyone received an invite for HSBC AC for grad programmes starting in 2019?


Received one earlier today for RBWM programme


Oh congrats! When is your AC?


22nd Nov in Bham


Hi, how long did it take from you getting the email saying you met the minimum benchmarks and they’re reviewing your application, to you getting the AC invite?



5 weeks


Hey, have you received any news about an AC?


Anyone heard back about an AC for the Securities Services Program?


has anyone completed the immersive test?


anybody completed the AC, can share what are the activities on the day?


Hi, do you have any tips for the assessment centre?


How was your assessment centre? Any advice?


How was the AC, any advice?


Hi can anyone give any tips on the Job Simulation exercise?


Congrats! I am applying to graduate commercial banking position. Could you please briefly state which acticities did you do during the AC? Or any interview questions?

Thank you


Anyone heard anything regarding the private banking scheme? Still waiting been around 5 weeks now since I was told i passed job sim


havent heard yet been waiting around 3 weeks… i think some people have had AC’s?


Are you still waiting to hear back? I’ve had like 10 emails saying they are currently reviewing my application but no actual response