HSBC - global markets - Telephone interview


Just had my Telephone interview with HSBC global markets trading. Thought I share some of the questions with you.

Why have you chosen to apply to the Global Markets?
Can you tell me about a recent news story that interests you?
How will that affect HSBC?
How will the World look like in 2050?
How will HSBC be able to adapt to that?
How has HSBCs values guided the bank through the Financial Crisis?
What are the values of HSBC? What do they mean in practice?
What is your main strengths for that area?
What is your main weakness for that area?
What other places are you applying for?

Kinda easy to BS yourself through if you are somewhat prepared. Could have done better though, stumbled a Little on my motivations. They said they’ll respond in 48 h whether you have passed or not.



Which location did you interview for?


Interviewed for London.

Forgot one question: Who is your financial role model and why is that?


Has anyone heard anything back yet from HSBC other than the generic “your application is still under review due to the high quality and quantity of interest in this programme” after passing the tele interview?


Nope not a thing

My Interviewer said i had a fantastic chance to go through though. Mentioned first trading AC would be in December


@Sean_Dean have you get any feedback from HSBC?

I had my telephone interview today, waiting for result.


Hi spold,
It would be great if you let us know about your educational background


Hi spold,
It would be great if you let us know about your educational background


Did you hear back yet?


Anyone heard back for ACs in HK?


I had exactly the same questions for Global Markets Summer intern.
10 Dec



I passed my phone interview in Dec for trading summ internship, but still no news about ACs, do you think there still may be chance for me getting it? They keep on saying “app still under review” etc


Hey, does anyone know if the questions are still the same for Global banking internship?