HSBC Global Markets Graduate Scheme



Has anyone else passed the phone interview but still not heard back regarding the AC? I did my phone interview in October and I met the minimum standards but have heard nothing since, my application is still under consideration.


Ya same here…i passed it long back in december but haven’t heard back yet.
Wasn’t sure if it was just me bcz they said clearing the phone intrvw dsn’t assure an AC.


yeh doesn’t assure it, but then we surely should have got rejected by now


which roles did you guys apply for? I am in the same situation and its kind of worrying
Applied for ECM
The thing is everyone gets through the tel interview but few get called to AC


i applied for sales


I applied for Strategic Transactions Group, had the telephone interview in October n told the same day that i’d met their benchmark…not a word since though!


exactly the same!


hoho, pretty sure some of the vacancies have already been filled up, typical information asymmetry…but dont give up guys!


I received invitation of telephone interview with Opeartions division. Do you mind to share which kinds of questions have you been asked in telephone interview? Did you have a lot current issues questions, please? Thank you so much indeed.

All the best!


Hi joelp,

Please tell me what kind of questions they asked you on the telephone interview.



As far as I can remember, it was the usual Why Banking? Why HSBC? was then asked

  1. Run me through an M n A deal?
  2. Any recent M n A’s that HSBC has been involved in?
  3. How would you value the car tyre replacement industry in the UK?