HSBC global markets AC



does anyone else have an AC for global markets origination next week?
If yes, how do you guys prepare?

What does “a business-related case study discussion” refer to?
I dont think I have had something like this before?

any advice would be appreciated…I’ll reciprocate after my AC experience :))

thanks and good luck to all!


hey guys!

c’mon, it’s incredible that nobody has had their AC with HSBC yet…

i would like to know more about the role play they do and how to handle that effectively…



Hi hazelground,

Yeah perhaps no one has done AC yet…Not sure whether it would be the same format, but one of my friend who got an offer from HSBC global markets Hong Kong said that in his year, the interview process worked like:

  1. .Case study
    30 min reading on HSBC’s annual report
    15 min presentation
    15 min Q&A
    During the Q&A, the questions included
  1. What do you make of the chairman’s comments?
    2 )How do you interpret HSBC’s interim report?
  2. Provide some strategies for HSBC in emerging markets.
  1. Presentation
    Present one of your very passionate hobby or life experience, note that it should have nothing to do wieht Finance and economics.

  2. One on one interview

  3. Group discussion
    15 min readings on CSR and then discussion.
    After that, assume you were representative of a consultant firm,This week you will meet senior managers of HSBC and discuss the strategies and models of HSBC.

  1. Do you agree with HSBC’s “universal bank” model, or you think HSBC
    should specialize?
  2. How robust this model is in rough times?
  3. Do you think the full franchise (broad, deep product and service)
    model will maximize shareholders’ profits?

Hope that it shed some light to your interview. And best luck to you!!



Hi! that’s really nice of you to make an entry about this…
unfortunately it does not seem to help too much because I will have a numerical test, case study and 2 business interviews.
Seems your friend did not have this type of interviews and that’s what I most fear currently :slight_smile:

thanks anyway!



Oh sorry for that…But good luck with your interview anyway!!:slight_smile:


hihi…smithchan…are u applying for hk? i am applying for global market in hk


Hi ck111

Yup~have u got any news for AC?


got fone in for barcap n rbs few weeks ago…no news…nothing from other banks yet…how abt u? u studying or working atm?


I am studying right now…yeah, me too, and unfortunately the other news is that I got rejection from MS without online test…



Sorry to hear about your rejection from MS…what division did you apply to?
is MS actually conducting any ACs in IBD at the moment?


I applied to Fixed income division…actually every friend of mine who apply for S&T all got rejected, and I just heard that they’ve started ops, for IBD, just have no idea…


well, things really look gloomy this year :frowning:


agree…but at least u got the HSBC AC isn’t it?:slight_smile: Do hope that everything goes well with you!


agree…but at least u got the HSBC AC isn’t it?:slight_smile: Do hope that everything will go well with you!


Hey smithchan, ck111,

I’ve applied for HSBC HK too, but for strategic transaction group in global banking.

Any idea when the AC will take place this year? I just had my tele interview this week and was told I passed by the HR. Now researching for recent deals but no luck:(


Hi cee!

I’m also having telephone interview for HSBC this coming week…

What kind of questions did they ask? How long did it take? When did they reply with your positive outcome?




how was your AC at HSBC?
Can you give an overview of what the different tasks they made you do? How was the day structured and what kind of role playing did you have?
Any advice would be helpful…


Hi anybody can give me an idea of the questions that they asked at the assessment center (global markets)?

Much helped needed!!



Dear Peterpan and Hazelground

I hope you are well. I have been invited to an AC for Global Markets with HSBC and would very much appreciate your insight into how the day went. I’m keen to know more about the business related case study and how technical the interviews were. In terms of the case study, what subject was it on, what kind of questions were asked, etc. I have found very little information on the internet regarding their AC, so any help would be most greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



Dear Jenny Smith,

I have my telephone interview tomorrow for Global Markets with HSBC could you please tell me what were the questions they asked you on your interview?