HSBC Global Market Sales Summer Internship Telephone Interview



I have got an telephone interview coming up with HSBC for a summer analyst position within Global Market Sales. Can someone please give an insight into what questions are asked and whether there are any compentency questions involved such as team work/ leadership etc.



My name is james turnor and i have recently completed an internship at RBS, before moving onto the hsbc global markets programme. I recently completed the telephone interview and have an assessment centre for november. The telephone largely consisted of competency questions such as how well you can work in a team. One example includes you are working with 5 others on a group project which you have 10 weeks to complete. However, your other team members have little understanding of complex theories such as raroe models and repeatedly rebuff your ideas. How do you deal with this - 1) tell your line manager 2) sit the group down and let them know how u feel 3) do nothing for the duration of the period.

Hope this helps



Hi james

Was the hsbc interview for sales? How did your interview go? I have one for trading tomorrow and the questions you got seems to be very different from the questions posted on other threads.


That seems more along the lines of what you find in a personality questionnaire that banks use just like numerical tests.


Hi James, last week I also had a phone interview for HSBC research, graduates. The next day I received the standard “you have met our minimum requirements” email and have heard nothing back. Have they already invited you to AC or did they merely state the AC is coming in November?