HSBC global banking??


anyone applied hsbc global banking this year for 2013 graduate program ? I applied for coverage relationship management just submit the application 3 days ago, haven’t got the numerical test ! if anyone interested in hsbc this year we can sharing all the info here for the following process!


Hi yxx088 I applied to Global banking, got an email the next day inviting me to sit for a numerical test.


Applied to Operations, invited to numerical the next day and invited to first round a day after taking numerical.


@ sam28 what section you applied to in global banking?? i havn’t got the invite to the numerical test !! @tradman27 how was the numerical test? is it easy ? how you feel about it?


It was regular SHL, you have a good chance if you’ve experience doing SHL tests.


thanks, tradamn27. still didnt get the invite for the test! submitted the app 3 days ago…


Advisory… I found the test relatively easy and straightforward, Nothing to worry about…Anyway I guess their procedures vary by division so there still might be hope!


Markets grad here, I applied a few days after it opened… solved numerical, was notified I passed and might be invited to phone iview. Nothing since.


Hi, has anyone heard back from HSBC after clearing the numerical test online? I applied for global banking and markets (advisory) graduate role but haven’t heard back since a month now.


I applied for HSBC Global advisory singapore position on 31st oct night. No invite for numerical tests till now. Did u get an invite or not. By the way my CAP is 3.99 on 5 and their webiste specifies a minimum CAP of 4.0 +? but i have enough internship experience and co curricular records. Anyone in my position?


my previous post was meant to yxx088 please.thanks.


Hi nlr3169, they usually review the application before they send the test invite. I applied on 9th Sep, got invited for the test on 25th Sep.


@apple111. Thank you for the reply. Nice to see u in this thread. I thought it was long overdue. For me the exams would start around 3rd week of NOV and it means another added stress . What position are u in for the various banks applied?


I have done my 1st interview for client coverage, I’m still waiting for the update though. You might want to wait for a few more days before you check with them regarding your status. Good luck!


Got my invitation for online testing numerical from HSBC yesterday night. Plan to take it in a day or two. Meanwhile P and G has rescheduled an online reasoning tests at their singapore office on 8th at 7 pm. So first things first.


i applied for global banking - coverage management, passed the numerical test, and will have a phone interview tomorrow! i found the whole process moving forward much faster than other employers.

I will report my experience after the interview. stay tuned!

good luck to u all! (and myself) =D


@Sydnie Kang. All the best fo 2mor’s intvu. Do update us. Plan to take my numerical test for Global Advisory on saturday. Will keel all posted.


I applied for HSBC Securities Services back in September and had my phone interview on October 2. Later I was told the AC would be in mid December. Recently I had an email reply saying the AC will be in January though no date has been set. Perhaps the AC was moved back due to exam stress? I’m really hoping.


Bump. Please help me decide between coverage/ relationship management and global advisory by shedding light on day-to day job of both pls!


Hi. Have you received you invitation to AC yet? I applied for the same programme, and was told that the AC is on 10 December, 2012.