HSBC Global Banking and Markets Phone Interview


Hi Guys,

I have just done my phone interview for a Global Research graduate position at HSBC, and as I found some stuff on here useful I thought I’d give a little back. The questions I got asked (in no particular order) were:

Why would you like to work in Global Research at HSBC?
Talk me through a recent news story which has interested you (financial markets based).
Who is your role model in the financial industry?
Why is it important that businesses have values?
What do you think the world will be like in 2050?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
What is your greatest strength and what area do you need to work on?

As you can see there aren’t too many questions, but you have about 25 minutes to talk and so can fill the time quite easily. Hopefully some of you find this useful! Also, I found out I had been successful at this stage the following day, however it can take up to 48 hours.

If any of you get on to the assessment centre, if you could let me know what that entails that would be brilliant.




Hi jh, I have applied for something else, but do you perhaps know if questions are similar for other departments? Seems they could be…Did they say anything? Thx :slight_smile:


This is nearly exactly like the Client Management interview I had last year… it’s all outsourced so nothing seems to have changed


Ok, thx for the input… but last year was extremely bad for banks, by any standard. This year doesn’t look extremely promising either, but we will see.



thanks for that, really helps as I’m sure the questions can be adapted for other similar roles like trading which I’ve applied for



when is your interview for trading?



don’t have one yet, but I’ve applied for trading so if I do get one then those questions will come in handy. Have you applied for trading too?


jahuss 65
yes ive applied for trading. ive got my telephone interview next thursday.


good luck, doesn’t seem like there is too much competency (if the questions are similar). Have they mentioned in the email how it will be structured?


I too have a telephone interview for trading coming up so any trader interview experiences would be really helpful.



they have only said that it will be motivational based. at the moment I am just using the above questions as a starting point for preparation.


Hi, I applied for coverage - client management. Anyone know if it’s under their Investment Bank? How do other banks call this position? TIA. Appreciate your help!


I just had a interview with HSBC global banking & markets - trading. The questions were similar to what jhw6 posted. I hope it will help.


I assume only why this area question was different? It seems to me that the questions are standardised… any further tech/commercial questions?


Hi, did you get invited to AC straight away or put on hold?



Thanks for the info. How did your interview go?

Were the questions exactly the same except and did you get any other competencies or technical questions?



well questions were almost same but there were lots of backfire questions regarding emerging markets so have a strong research on this…


Well i got an email that i have cleared the telephone interview… but they will review once again before inviting for the assesment centre…


Hi chirag02, same here. Let’s keep each other updated on the status. Good luck!


Hi, has anyone applied for Global banking advisory role? If yes, have you heard back regarding the intervuiew stage yet? Its been a month since I cleared my online test minimum criteria but no updats yet!


Hey ib runner… I applied to the same role… Got an invitation to the telephone interview around 2 weeks after I passed the online tests. When did you complete the tests?