HSBC Global Asset Management 2014



Hi Guys,

I’ve got a telephone interview coming up in a couple of days for the HSBC Global Asset Management 2014 scheme and was just wondering if anyone else had already had theirs?
Can’t work out if it’s going to be motivation question based or values based as there doesn’t really seem to be that much info on the interview structure online…

thanks for the help


I have one tomorrow for asset management. Looking at the email, it states that it will be motivational and competency based. So motivational will probably be “Why HSBC”, “Why AM” etc. Competency will most likely be around their core values. Although it doesn’t say anything about commercial awareness, just prepare one just in case, and maybe HSBC news.

I hear they only have 4 slots for AM graduates this year. Tough comp eh… good luck.


o really? that is pretty tough.

How did yours go? Had mine a couple of days ago and got completely caught out with a long question about what i thought the world would be like in 2050 followed up by a few short competency questions.


Mine was ok (I think). Yeh, I saw that question a few times around this site and luckily looked into it. HSBC actually did an article for that exact question by one of their economists, so I had a look at that.
Good luck mate, I think she said I would hear the outcome by tomorrow.


Can anybody confirm that they only have 4 slots this year?
I am having the interview tomorrow. Now feeling super nervous.


Can anybody confirm that they only have 4 slots this year?
I am having the interview tomorrow. Now feeling super nervous.


Yes, one of my mates did the summer programme and said the other spaces had been filled by successful interns. There are 4 left. Good luck mate.


Thank you. I won’t keep my hopes high. As long as I can make it to London for the AC, it would be pretty awesome already. I am a Chinese based in Paris.


hello guys, I am wondering whether you were asked about technical questions like give a pitch to recommend a stock? or what asset class do you prefer and why? or whats’ the recent financial news and its impact on HSBC?

any comments are much appreciated!


hi Alex. are you through to the AC ? good luck!


Hi guys, can anyone provide any insight into the questions asked in the telephone interview for asset management please? Would really help me!!


Can anyone please tell me whether HSBC recruit on a rolling basis? I have applied for like 18 summer internship programs already in less than a month and im really sick to my stomach. If they don’t, i might just keep up with my course abit and save the application for later :frowning: cheers


Has anyone been invited to an AC yet? I passed the phone interview but I recently received an an email saying ‘my application is still under review… we will be back in touch with you in coming weeks with a further update’. Also my phone interview wasn’t technical if anyone still has it


hi!i’ll have my interview tomorow…do you know how many are we at this stage?because i’m little nervous since i heard that there are just 4 slots…and what were your questions?


Anyone been invited to the AC for asset management in london?


Have you? If you have i’m taking that as a rejection for me!


nope still watiing…


just got an invitation to the AC. Anyone know more about this case study?


Congratulations Thmadness!
Sorry couldnt help with your question as I got no invitation yet. Would you tell me which date the AC takes place please ? thanks !


cheers rabbit, looks to be tight with only four positions!! its on the 4th of december but I’m sure it won’t be the only one!