HSBC Face-to-Face Cashier role outcome



I had my face to face interview for a cashier role on Tuesday 24th May 2016, but i haven’t heard nothing, i read in a lot of places that successful applicants have been contacted on the day (I knew this wouldn’t happen, since the branch manger stated at the start of the interview i wouldn’t receive feedback on that day) or the next day. In my opinion, i felt it went really well, but know i come to think about it I’m not so sure, some of my answers could of been stronger.

What is the general time to be informed if i have been successful or not?


Update: I got the job, they take a long time to get back to you with a job offer :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the job!
I’ve got interview coming up too can you give me any pointers? Advice? And what sort of questions do they ask? Thankyou x