HSBC Executive Management Trainee Final Round


Hey guys,

I have been invited to the final round selection center. This is for the Executive Management Trainee program. I was hoping to get some tips/suggestions/advice/anything really before hand. Has anybody been through this already? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



I’ve also been invited through to the assessment centre for Executive management (2012), mine isn’t until June though, how about yours?



Hey Rob,

I just got en email saying that I have been selected for the final assessment. They have not told me the date yet. I had my telephone interview on Saturday. Do you know what the assessment would comprise of?




I received an email 2 days after the first one saying that I had been successful with an AC date so you should get a date in the next couple of days

I’ve not been told what it will consist of but its only 4 hours 8:30 - 12:30, they are providing me with accomodation with it been an early start!

From reading on here though and from there website I believe that there is no group exercise, instead just a case study presentation, a competancy interview and also two further meetings/ role plays, I will send them an email closer to the time asking for further details

Hope this helps

Do let me know when you get a date as we could end up at the same AC in June



Hey Rob,

Thank you very much for the information. It was helpful. I will surely let you know once i know my date.




Have you been given a date yet?



hey rob,

no i have not been given a date yet. i think i will contact the hr to find out why. its been a few days now.



i got my date. it is the 29th of june. what about yours? did you email them regarding further details on the final assessment?



Hey mate,

Just wanted to ask how the assessment centre went and if you had tips.


Could you guys give us some info about what you’ve experienced so far? For example, how the phone interview was and some questions they asked. Thanks.


hi guys! Im about to have an assessment day at HSBC for the exec management program, was wondering if you guys could tell me the structure of the day? Going through old threads and some say there’s an in-tray exercise, others say there isn’t etc, could you share your experiences with me? Also any insight on the group case studies would be much appreciated, I’m so eager to get this!



Hi RachelB, have you had the Assessment Centre yet? I’m trying to find information too but can’t seem to find much!