HSBC Executive Management Graduate Programme 2013




I too got an offer about a month ago. Still waiting for them to send me the official letter and contract to sign it.

@pendresc have you heard from them at all regarding your contract? Also, what is your starting date? Mine is around March 2013, so still trying to figure out what to do from graduation till then!


I haven’t heard from them yet, well done on the offer.

I emailed them the other day and they said they are finalising the dates and locations, but again it is around march 2013.

I graduated last july so i have been applying for jobs and having interviews up til now.

Was hoping to go travelling around march until start date of september (when most grad schemes start) but don’t know what to do now, as I haven’t got the money to go until next March?


I know, it’s a bit of a hassle…one year till we start working! I guess most people would see this as a blessing in disguise but I really just want to start earning money!

Anyways, it seems like we’re gonna be work buddies so feel free to add me on facebook to stay in touch and all that. (you can find me if you type ‘rfelix88’)


Cool, I will do, names Scott by the way.

Ye a few of my mates think its good, but I am in the same position. I just wanna start earning. Any ideas on what your gonna do til then.

Gonna try and travel as much as I can but I’m going to have to get some part time work or something.


i too have had an offer but am still waiting for my formal contract like yourselves. They did say that there would be intakes in March, July and September of 2013 in an email i received but that’s all i know so far.


congratulations djs001, join us on fb too!


well done djs. A long time away. Would have thought the scheme would be starting september this year


Thanks and congratulations to yourselves as well, I have added you on fb rifeca88. It is a bit annoying not starting till next year but as i’m in my final year of study, it will give me a bit of time to go travelling before having to worry about holding down a serious job!


Hello. Is anyone starting in jan of 2013? X


I haven’t been told yet, just know that it should be 2013.

Is that when you are starting?

Well done if you have got an offer


I wasnt aware there was a January start, that would actually be ideal for me! Where and when did you hear this, Amy?


I had my assessment centre 3 months ago now. I applied for corporate and commercial management but got offered executive management. I assume jan will be filled up now with people from earlier assesment centres to be honest. Is everyone excited? I can’t wait.


well done on the offer. I am looking forward to it, just a long time to wait. I thought that there was only twice a year that they started the scheme (in March and September), but still waiting for a confirmation date.


Thanks you too! Theres an intake in july as well. I don’t think confirmation dates are till much nearer the time so you may be waiting a while. Where are you hoping to be placed?


Cool. So are you definitely starting in January?

I would like to be in London or Midlands (where Im from) to begin with but I know they do require you to be geographically mobile. But I would like to go abroad as well so would be up for any placements in another country. What about you. Do you know where you are located yet?


Yeah definitely in January but was told exact start dates and locations are sorted out much nearer the time and thats when contracts are signed as well. Yes i agree with locations as i am a northener so would like the chance to experience the south. So you have already graduated, me too, are you working at the minute?


Cool, thought we would all start at the same time in 2013 as was wondering when we do the 4 week residential group graduate programme?

Ye I graduated July last year and am working part time for my dad at the minute. Thought I would be starting september so I was hoping to go travelling from april until then but if it isn’t until march I think ill need to get an internship or some other work experience. What are your plans up until January?


I assume they just do the introductory thing at each intake. I work for Barclays at the minute started full time just before graduation, get some experience under my belt. What did you study?


I just finding it annoying that they don’t reply to my emails regarding all this uncertainty about starting dates…I suppose they might be very busy.
I will graduate in August, and just like pendresc don’t quite know what to do from then till March!
Also, I say we should create a fb group or something to stay in touch about developments and all since there’s already a small bunch of us?