Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong area - I got as close as I could.

I have two offers in London, HSBC ECM and Citi CMO (ECM, DCM, Lev Fin, Structuring etc.) and am having alot of trouble deciding between the two.

I did an internship at HSBC (not in ECM) and enjoyed it. But, Citi allows me to see more areas.

In terms of exit opportunites, prestige etc, where do you think is the better role? The pay is similar. Obviously HSBC is in a stronger position at the moment but Citi has the ECM and Lev Fin history (the areas Im really interested in) - is this important?

Need to decide quite soon.

Thanks alot in advance


make the decision based on the people… during your interview and ACs… which people did you like the most? Citi or HSBC?

At the end of the day, it the people you work with that matters… nothing else… so, that is very important…

in terms of business area… I guess, in Citi you get to rotate through 3 desks before settling down, but at HSBC you dont get that… so, that’s an issue also…

You are right HSBC is in a strong position, but Citi is rebuilding its business as well… in terms of strong position… no doubt HSBC… but in terms of reputation… has to be Citi…

I can go on forever… but like I said above, make the decision based on the people… I am saying this, because, I know… in the past I have turned down IBD role at a big bank because I didnt like the people who interviewed me… and stayed in my current job because I enjoy working with the people here…

But at the end, if you ask me, then I have a Citi bias… coz they are the firm that I always wanted to work for…



Citi for sure - GOT TO BE Citi for a range of factors. Big American bank has totally different culture to HSBC which has a more mellow, less aggressive/performance-baseed approach.

Also, when you start in banking, learning a range of skills is MUCH more valuable than learning just one role, so the position at Citi would add significantly more value to your CV and make you MUCH more employable for the future, so will allow you to move to other divitions o regions because you will have so much more to offer than others who have started alongside you but are not as well-developed.

My advice, Citi, no doubt!!



Thanks alot for that advice guys, very helpful!


hey, I am going to have the ECM assessment centre with HSBC tomorrow, it would be very nice if you can tell me how is it like!! my email is!

Thank you very much!!


hey, I am going to have the ECM assessment centre with HSBC tomorrow, it would be very nice if you can tell me how is it like!! my email is!

Thank you very much!!


Hello Jan1989 & musto430 i have an ECM telephone interview early next week please could you kindly let me know the kind of questions that where asked?



Hey jan1989, how was your HSBC ECM AC? i hope it went well.

could you please tell me how long did you wait after your telephone interview to be invited to AC? I did my telephone interview on 27 Nov, and got a message saying that I met their requirements and now they would be reviewing all applications. I havent still heard back from them. Were you invited straight away to AC or did you wait for some time? Also, what does their message mean: you have met our requirements, but due to high volume of applications we will be conducting the final review of applications to decide on the final AC. does that mean they may not even progress my application?

can you also give some info about the AC itself - the structure, what exercises did you do, is it a standard report writing, presentation, interviews and groupd exercise?

Thanks for your reply