HSBC- do I need to do a verbal reasoning test?


Hi everyone, I’ve been practicing for the numerical reasoning test so far, but it seems that everyone is doing both verbal and numerical on the forum:
I received this from HSBC:

Assessment details

The next stage of the assessment consists of an online Numerical Reasoning test. This test provides a fair and objective measure of your ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical data. We have found in the past that performance on this test relates to performance in the role you have applied to. The information gathered from this test forms one part of the selection procedure and provides useful additional information that we cannot gain from the other parts of the process such as the interview.

And I was wondering, am I just tested on the Numerical Reasoning test or should I practice for Verbal Reasoning too?




I think it depends on the area you applied for, but usually, it is just a numerical test with HSBC…
they will tell you once you’ve taken the numerical, i guess…

they changed their mind about the verbal in my case, so did not need to do it


thanks Hazel,

so I guess this means i don’t need to practice for the verbal reasoning? Thanks!!!


thanks hazel,

so I guess this means i’ll just focus my efforts on the numerical reasoning test!

really appreciate your opinion :slight_smile: