HSBC Customer Service Officer, could it help secure a grad scheme?


I have graduated with 2.1 in politics. Would taking a job with HSBC as a customer service officer help in securing a 2011 graduate scheme position within banking and finance? Or, once in HSBC could I then move around and apply for other positions within HSBC or possibly train to become a financial advisor?


HI, I have also just been offered a role with hsbc as a customer services officer paying 14200/anum. what do you think my gross could add up to if i add the bonuses as im skeptical about accepting the offer


@Kevnea and Kvent:
I was planning to apply for the same role but was not able to find the link where i can apply for the customer advisor role. I would be glad if u could kindly post the link.
Thanks and regards,
Birju Kotadia


Hi Kevnea,

I was just wondering if you had taken the role as a Customer Service Advisor within HSBC and/or if you had obtained the answer to your question? Is there scope for progressing from the Customer Services Officer role?