HSBC Cover Letter


I am trying to apply for HSBC ECM.
The only thing which seems strange to me is that they do not ask for a Cover Letter…
Did I miss something? Could not find any relevant information in previous posts.



Hi there

There should be the application questions so no need to provide a cover letter (I guess).
If I remember well they didn’t require a CV or a cover letter but only to fill in the application questions (3-4 can’t remember the exact number), besides the academic/work experience parts.
Hope this helps!



Thanks a lot. I was thinking perhaps I should join my Cover Letter and CV together but it seems unnecessary.

Thanks again!


Hey guys. Just finished all the application questions for Global Asset Management and only have CV/Resume submission left.

I thought that a Cover Letter was not required, as the questions already ask for the information you would normally put in the cover letter, but then I have read this (please refer to Advice tab, Cover Letter section):

Apparently, you should submit your Cover Letter in the same attachment as your CV, and keep it to 2 pages in total… Can anyone comment on this information?


Guys I applied for the Exec Management scheme and there was a place on the application where you could upload both a CV and a Cover Letter…