HSBC Compliance Assessment Centre 2013


Hi there! Could anyone please share their experience of HSBC’s Compliance AC? I would be really grateful.




congrats!! if you don’t mind me asking, could u plz let me know when they notified you about ur AC (i.e. how long after ur phone interview?) and which country? hk?


Thanks jessecue. Didn’t get the job though. It took them a month post tel itw. It was for the London office.


:(…i applied for the same post too…but no response…apparently over 4000+ ppl applied for the post…and only a handful get into AC…and then gets even more competitive there >…>…was AC hard?


Well the technical interview was quite thorough so you need to have a clear idea of the role, topical issues pertaining to it and financial regulation as a whole. For the competency interviews there was nothing out of the ordinary so as long as you have your example ready, you should be fine.
We all started with a standard paper-based shl test. In addition to this you will have two competency interviews, a technical one and a presentation.
Hopefully you’ll hear from them soon!


sounds tough…but thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: - at least im well prepared now if i do go through to AC…


Has anyone had the telephone interview for HSBC compliance 2014?

I have mine tomorrow and was looking for some help, other then just competency examples!

Thanks in advance!


Hi rij_2429, I have an interview coming up soon as well and was wondering how yours went & what kind of questions they asked?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply, have you had the IV yet or do you still need some advice?


Hey! No worries, I managed to pass the phone interview in the end. What about you?


Congrats!! Yes I also passed… I got an email yesterday inviting me to the AC on the 11th!

They don’t really give much insight, apart from you have to do a SHL test, motivational and business interviews and a case study!

So any help would be great!


Same here! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have that much more details about what it’s going to be … I would expect similar type of questions as the phone interview and obviously the numerical test and group work.


Hi, just to check with you guys, are all of HSBC’s AC same around the world?
Any one have any idea what do they test in Hong Kong’s Regional Specialist Prog AC?


No idea about the Hong Kong one, sorry. I would assume that they are the same though.


Hi fiflyflow, did you apply to HK’s regional specialist prog as well? I applied to Finance and did my tel interview on 19/11. Am still waiting for a reply! Any updates from your side?


Hi keira10! I applied to regional specialist prog as well but to Technology.
I have phone interview coming up soon and I am wondering what kind of questions they ask.
Can you tell me some of the questions they ask? I really need help.
Thanks in advance!!


Hey basically motivational questions such as Why HSBC, why banking, why the programme, career goals (both short and long term). And also competency based questions based on HSBC’s values, e.g. Dependable, Connectedness…

Good Luck!


Has anyone had an AC yet for any hsbc Uk scheme?


Apologies for my late reply, I applied for the risk management track and I will be having my telephone interview soon, this is really insightful, thank you Keira. All the best!