HSBC Commerical Management Telephone Interview


Hello everyone,

I have Telephone Interview for Graduate Commerical Management program.
Can someone throw some ideas about what exactly they would be looking for?

Love you all!


hey luckystars,

I am also invited for a telephone interview for the CMP on Tuesday, just wondering if you have completed yours and would like to share some information!

Thanks very much


I just had mine, luckily passed.
I felt it was a bit difficult.
They really dig so deep into the examples and make you to match it with their values.
But the interviewer was very encouraging.


I just had mine as well! how long did it take for them to reach you?


At the end of the interview, she asked me to wait, as she makes a decision, then she said, congratulations, you passed your telephone interview, then she read so many FSA regulations questions like have been banned from stock market etc etc question, 15 of them and credit reference check info and told I will receive an email stating how to prep for AC.


guys, what questions were you asked in your interview?

I’ll gracefully share my experience of the telephone interview and AC if I get there.


Hi everyone,

I have a telephone interview for retail banking and wealth management coming up. Would anyone have any examples of the type of questions HSBC will be asking during this interview?

Congrats to everyone who has managed to get through this stage so far : )