HSBC Commercial Banking - Relationship Management Graduate Programme (April 2015)


Hi all,

I initially applied for the Commercial Banking Graduate programme at HSBC for the September 2015 intake. I passed the online tests successfully and was called for the telephone interview. I passed the telephone interview and I asked if I could transfer to the April 2015 intake as I graduated in Summer 2014 and wanted something earlier. The recruiter said I could as there was still some places, but also told me I could not change my mind afterwards. So I agreed and transferred my application for the April 2015 intake.

At the end of the telephone interview, I was told I will be contacted regarding the assessment centre, (this happened in the end of November 2014). I have emailed the recruitment team numerously and they keep saying “please remain patient…”

Is there any point in hoping they will call me for an AC or are they just leading me to bad news?

Any thoughts on what is going on and is there any point on hoping they will call me for this scheme?

Many thanks!


Hi Alison,

I was just wondering if you could remember the questions they asked you for the telephone interview? Or any tips you could advise on?


Hi Vikesh,

I had my telephone interview a few months ago, so from what I can remember they were mainly competency questions and about my work experiences. The interview was around 30-45 minutes. The interview was good and did stretch me a bit! When is your interview and is this for the commercial programme April intake?

Good luck


Hi Alison,

Had my interview today and thankfully passed. Yes it is for the April intake, but need to do a SJT test now before anything. Is that hard? The AC’s are being held in Feb so you will probably hear within the next couple of weeks I reckon!


Congrats Vikesh, what kind of questions did they ask you? No the SJT is not hard they just want to see what kind of person you are and how you would deal in certain situations… Not difficult so don’t worry about that.

Did they say if it would be early feb or mid feb by any chance?



They didn’t give an indication of when, they just said they will give enough notice for those who make it through!


Hi Vikesh, congrat to your successful in telephone interview! I am preparing it now and we are the same programme. How was the interview? Do you have any suggestions for it or do you still remember the questions they asked? I am a bit nervous now coz I did a terrible interview before…


Hi luoyinglyly,
Have you done you telephone interview?


Hi Alison, have you heard back from them as of yet? I want to contact them for an update but I can’t find the contact details haha


Well the recent email was that they are reviewing my results against the other candidates and to prepare for the AC incase i’m called. It’s really annoying they just keep telling me to be patient. I rang once as well just to show my interest haha
I have their number (HSBC Graduate Recruitment Team): 0207 832 8300. Please let me know what they say? So did you pass the SJT as well?


I’m not sure, I haven’t had any email about the results of the SJT Test. Did you get one telling you that you did? Ok I will let you know when I call!


I’m not sure, I haven’t had any email about the results of the SJT Test. Did you get one telling you that you did? Ok I will let you know when I call!


Did they give you a date of the AC and when it would be held?


I asked them when I called them up regarding my application. No, no dates about AC.


I emailed them today to ask about my application and they said all the vacancies for April 2015 has been filled :frowning:


Ahh that’s really annoying :frowning: They didn’t even let us know! I wasn’t even sure if AC’s had taken place because they said February to me so not sure how they could have filled up!


I know the whole recruitment process was a massive let down to be honest. They probably got people through as interns or filled people in the December AC. I have a feeling candidates got referred through contacts at HSBC. The sent an email saying they are going to open the April 2016 intake and will contact me later regarding this. But I can’t wait that long :frowning:


I had exactly the same problem. I had my phone interview at the very end of October, passed that, then they make you do a SJT which I then did but then they seem to leave you hanging. I tried emailing several times but just got a standard ‘please be patient…large candidate volumes etc’ response.

When I finally managed to get through to HR on the phone it was only then that they’d said I’d passed the SJT and that apparently (I hadn’t come across this system before) they rank candidates based on their scores throughout the entire application process - from prelim online application and tests through to the phone interview and SJT - they then, based on these rankings call candidates forward to ACs.

After that phone call (early December) I then heard nothing until just a few days ago when I got a call from HR saying that unfortunately all the spaces for the Sept 2015 CMB-RM intake had been filled. However, and this was really strange, they then offered me an AC for CMB-RM on the April 2016 intake, have those even opened yet??

So, anyway, I accepted that and they said they would be in touch to organize it etc. Just recevied an email today from HR about scheduling an AC for the Sept 2015 intake (the one that is apparently full!!). I’ve scheduled one anyway as it would be stupid to get this far and give up but with respect to everyone’s comments on here and their past experiences, they do have a really screwed up application process and my advice would be to just hang on and keep calling!!


Hi Guy,

This is exactly what happened to me. I had my telephone interview in late November and then got sent a SJT which they didn’t even inform me if I passed or not. Then I emailed them and they then replied saying I have successfully passed it. Then I was just left with “remain patient… we are assessing your marks with other candidates etc.” They even said prepare for the AC incase your called without even saying what activities will take place on the day!

Recently, I emailed them and they sent me an email saying all the vacancy is filled up now and in the upcoming weeks they are going to open the same programme with a start date of April 2016.

I was so disappointed as they didn’t even inform us about the programme being filled! I was really looking forward to joining this programme :frowning:

So do you suggest I call them and follow up my application! That’s so strange that they scheduled you for an AC for the Sept intake, what happened to it being full? lol
When you rang what did they say other than the programme being full, did they say what will be tested for the AC (what activities)?


Hi Alison,

That’s such a shame :frowning: I was really looking forward to the Sept 2015 intake programme too. It was HSBC that ended up calling me to tell me that the Sept intake was full, they then said that, despite this they could offer me an AC for the April 2016 intake. They literally didn’t mention anything other than ‘the one you want is full, do you want to transfer to the April 2016 intake?’.

Also, there is literally nothing on their website about ACs. Even when you schedule your AC no information about it comes up other than how to get there and admin based stuff. They gave me a link on the booking email about ‘how to prepare’ which just took me to their grad. recruitment website (where it just lists all the various schemes). Other than that I’ve been having to look around online for info on the AC. If you do manage to get offered one, check out ‘JobTestPrep website’ on HSBC ACs, its pretty comprehensive.

I have no idea about why I’m booked in for an AC under a September 2015 intake - I tried calling them on Friday to ask but couldn’t get through (lol). I’ll try again on Monday and see what I can find out.