HSBC Commercial Banking 2016


Hello everyone, I have applied for HSBC Commercial Banking Global Programme and successfully passed the interview. There are 5 questions during telephone interview: 1. Why banking? 2.Why HSBC? 3.Why commercial banking 4. Tell me a time when you solve a complex problem 5. Tell me a time when you work with a difficult person.
I will have the AC next week. Are there anyone can share some information about the AC. Thanks a lot.


I am in the same boat, mate. I received a call from the HR, they told me the AC will consist of: roleplay, a situational judgement test, a case study, a group exercise and reflection on performance at the end of the day. Seems somewhat changed from previous years, as they seemingly scraped the psychometric tests and the presentation bit.


I received an offer for the CMB programme last April for the April 2016 start so feel free to ask anyway questions you might have.


Has anybody done an AC at HSBC for commercial banking that can give me any advice or guidance?


I am scheduled for CMB assessment centre round in a few days. It only includes the case study analysis and business panel interview. Can you give me any tips on how the case study was and what the panel interview questions were like?


Hi Aneepa, I’ve actually a question for you, I applied 2 weeks ago to the same programme, and completed my online tests a week ago. My website portal reads I’ve passed these tests but have not had any follow up email yet? Did anything similar happen to you?


Hey could you let me know what the AC was like?


Hey Aneepa,
I have mine in a few days and was wondering if you could share your experience? Your help would be much appreciated!


Hi LWP! I am applying to CMB 2017 intake and got invited into tel interview. Would you mind to share your experience on this please ?
Thank you


Anyone else in the pool waiting for an ac?


I am. I have been waiting for a month now for an AC.


I am. I have been waiting for a month now for an AC.


Hey, I am currently in the process for the commercial banking Graduate scheme and have been asked to do a job simulation test - I haven’t seen said about it yet so may be a new thing for this year? Pls can someone who has done it or has any idea let me know what it entails?
Thanks very much!


Hiya, I need to do it tomorrow, could you give me some advice about that? like what kind of questions they will ask and how many questions and how about the covering verbal, written skills, thank you very much!


Hi did you complete the job simulator? I intend on taking this tomorrow I’m a bit confused as to what this test entails as I can’t seem to find anything about it on the internet.


could anyone shed some light on the job stimulation test? many thanks!!


has anyone done online JOB SIMULATION.
please help as i have to give it this week
what kind od questions will be asked?


hey can you please tell me what sort of questions were asked in job simulation?