HSBC Canada Fast Forward Program


Hello Everyone,

I applied to the HSBC (CANADA) Fast Forward Program (for grads), Commercial Banking on Sept 21, and completed both online assessment and telephone interview. According to the interviewer (outsourced), I did really well on the interview (on Sept 28th) and will get an response from HSBC in 3-5 weeks. I am currently still in school, and graduating in April. This is not a big problem since those hired will start in different intervals from Jan 2010 to Sept 2010.

HSBC Canada does not have the accessment centre, but the process is basically: 1. choose your program (commercial banking, customer service, personal financial services) 2 online assessment 3. telephone interview, 4. panel interview. 5.offer of employment.

I’m pretty confident about the phone interview, because i called the outsourced company, and a lady said if she doesn’t send me an email in an hour, then that means i passed. Though getting a panel interview is still uncertain.

I would like to know if anyone is familiar with the hiring process/panel interview for this program? In Canada they call it Fast Forward program, not sure if it’s called the same thing in other countries. Is anyone successful at completing the panel interview/hired?

**sorry if Canadians are not allowed ** haha



I have gone through the similar process and still waiting waiting for the answer. “Fingers crossed”

I just had a question, did the lady mean that you failed the interview if you received an email from them?




are u in canada?


Yes, in GTA.


Goodluck to you and let me know how it turns out. :slight_smile:


you too,
let me know how it works out for u.

are u still in school? or are u graduated?

As for the email, i think the lady meant me specifically, not all those who failed the phone interview will get an email right away, that’s why there is this 3-5wk waiting period.


Still in school. I know a few people that just did their online assesment. This whole process might take a while.


bad news: they’re hiring only 32 ppl across canada.

no good news.

what did you mean by “wasn’t really an interview”? how long was your interview?


I agree, the interview was very mechanical. I know that some people are still filling out the assesment.


Well, most behavioral interviews dont have a defined set of questions (as did this one). most of them have guidlines and general directions for the recruiter to go. Usually the questions build on something you have already said. Thats why it didnt seem like an interview, rather a questionnaire. My interview was approx. 30 mins. how long was yours?

32 across canada is a lot. many firms and banks are hiring at most, under 10 for a given department. Just our luck that we should be graduating during a recession…


32 is not alot tho~ interviewer told me there are 35000 applicants. tho it may be significantly narrowed down after the online assessment and phone interview.

it’s true that some of the big 6 banks are not hiring much, but it’s because they’re doing campus recruiting, instead of posting them on their job sites.

my interview was 45 minutes.

did the interviewer give u any feedback on how you did?


it seems they have started giving out invitations to panel interview.
Cross your fingers guys!




Did you hear via email or phone call?


someone at another forum said he recently received an invitation.

oh man, this is making me anxious


has anyone else heard besides that one person? I havent heard either way yet.


I haven’t heard anything.


Hey guys,

an update. according to a reliable source…the HRs in charge of FFP are very busy. Also, they’re first contacting those who live Outside the Interview City. So if your interview is at the city which you live, then you won’t get a call just yet. Also, if you live in a different city then you can travel to the city where they willing be holding the info session, on your own expense.

let us know if you guys hear anything


I just got a call.



You mentioned that you live in GTA, but do u live in Toronto specifically?