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Thanks a lot for your advice! :slight_smile: Good luck with your next round!


Hi mkhanna, i’ve had a telephone interview with HSBC IM and have been told I’ve been shortlisted for the Assessment Centre too. Have you attended your assessment centre by any chance?



Hi alexis 186, how long did it take to get an answer whether you were successful with the phone interview?


it was like 5 working days for me


thanks a lot for the swift answer… Had mine this week…


Your assessment centre will be much more technical than the first round interviews you may have had. You must be prepared to answer in depth questions on your chosen position.

For example if you are applying for equity derivative sales, we may as you:

  1. How do you price an option?
  2. What is put/call parity?
  3. Can you explain the notion of an options delta and what is its relevance?

If you can accurately answer these types of technical questions you will certainly impress and be taken much more seriously than other candidates. There are some good sources of information online, including companys that can help you with your preparation such as I think there are a few others too.

Good luck.


Hello everyone,

Has anybody attended the assessment centre for the HSBC International Management programme?

Thank you in advance for your help and good luck.


Hi Alexis186, how was your Assessment Certre? Hopefully you have got ideal offer. Actually, I have been invited to take the telephone interview for IM in five days. This is the first time for me to take this kind of interview, would you please tell me what kind of questions they would ask and give some example in your case? I am appreciated if you could help me.


Hi Sanxuan and Eric and others who have passed IM selection…

How were the on-line tests? What’s the difficulty level compared to the SHL free trial? Just got the invitation to take it and hasn’t taken any of these tests for quite a while.

Many thanks for any response.


Well the phone interview consists of competency based questions where they will ask you a range of questions to see your experiences in teamwork, leadership, creativity and also your motivation for this application. It takes around 40 minutes usually with the assessor starting to ask you a general question for you to bring up an example and the assessor will probe further from there. Just be yourself and be calm and relaxed. Good luck!


Hi sbinthiscity, the online test was not so difficult. The numerical test was as easy as SHL free trial, but you really have to make full use of your calculator. While the inductive test was interesting, just relaxed yourself and think in a big picture.

Good luck.

Anyone who have attent the selection center of IM program?


Anyone know how long it takes before you get feedback on the phone interview for the HSBC IM programme. 1 week ? 2 weeks ?


Anyone know how long it takes before you get feedback on the phone interview for the HSBC IM programme. 1 week ? 2 weeks ? Would calling to follow up be advisable after a while with no info ?


I got feedback on the phone interview two days later, but I know someone got theirs after seven days.

falosmic, when did you take your telephone interview?


Hi sanxuan12,
Had my phone interview on the 6th of May. Called them to check up 2 days ago and the lady told me that normally that will get back within 10 business days, which is about 2 weeks. It’s taking a bit too long for a phone interview feedback. Writing it off for now…unless they want to surprise me last minute with good news. :slight_smile:


Hey guys for those of you who have attended an AC at HSBC, have u been reimbursed for your travel expenses? I went to an AC on February and they still havent reimbursed my travel expenses even though i left them my account info the same day the AC took place. Ive sent them a few emails and they say they will take care of the situation in the shortest delay possible but it’s been already 3 months since my AC and still no reimbursement. Anyone in the same situation here? I’m worried and surprised


Hi All,
I have recently cleared the telephonic interview and have been invited to the SC.
Would be great if anyone of you can share your experience and any prep. tips if possible.



Alexis186, did they tell you about shortlisting straight away?


Hi mate

I just read your post and found it very useful, Thank you. I have been invited to an assessment centre with HSBC for the Ops Man graduate programme. I have been told that the assessment centre lasts from 8.45am to 12pm and will consist of the following: a motivational interview, leading a customer focused organisation exercise and a customer service exercise.

This seems quite similar to what you had. Is it the same format as your assessment day? Do you have any extra hints or tips on how to do well on these exercises and did your interview consist of any competency based questions?

Thank you



Many thanks for the hints and tips posted by previous applicants. I have also been invited to an assessment centre with HSBC for the Ops Man graduate programme. Hopefully the job starting date won’t be as bad as other HSBC roles :wink: