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Well Done WillEast, you could ask them to give you written confirmation that there will be a job for you?

I also passed the assessment centre, with some help from this thread, so cheers everyone! but again, not 100% confident that there will be an opening with the current economic climate!

I’m (hopefully) on the Commercial Management Trainee Scheme, starting in September 2009, it would be nice to hear from anyone else doing similar, and starting around the same time in Bricketwood!


Hi all, I have a phone interview in the near future for retail management…they told me on the phone there are limited places and that the job could expire at any time, which makes sense as i have applied late for the sept 2009 start, and most other programs have now closed. Do you think if i was successful but they had already filled the place(s), they could defer the placement until January 2010?

also how frequent are assessment centers?

Thanks for any responses, greatly appreciated!!!


DJakes - there were no technical questions in my interview so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Just look back through this thread, there’s lots of useful info in here.

Shallam - yeah I asked them for that but unfortunately they said they couldn’t provide it, I’ll just have to have some faith that it will work out. It seems to be that HSBC is in a much more stable position than many other banks so hopefully things will be ok for us both!


Hey guys, is anyone going to Global Markets - Equities AC?





In terms of the assessment day, it’s a half day. First part you meet a current grad, have a chat about the bank and the scheme you’ve applied for and give him your documents etc. Get all the niceties out of the way first.

The second part, you go off with one assessor, who doesn’t work for the bank but is an outside psychologist. He asks you a lot of personality based questions such as: How do you react under pressure, what would your perfect job be, think of two of your past managers what were their good/ bad points, when last did you upset a colleague?

After this, you get to read a comprehension exercise on customer service. You are given a memo on customer service and how the bank should improve its customer service and loyalty. There are four proposed plans of action of which you have to pick one based on the facts and research findings you are given and argue you choice. You pick what you think the best course of action would be and argue your point of view to the assessor who asks you various questions to get you to doubt your choice. The main point of this exercise is to see how well you stand your ground and how you rationalise your decision.

The last exercise is a role reversal. You are given four profiles of people linked in some way to the bank. You have to conduct a ten minute interview with them, in order to find out what their experience with the bank has been and how the customer service could be improved. After this, the assessor asks you questions on the individuals to find out what you learnt about them. The main points of this exercise are time keeping, getting the information asked for initially and being professional.

I applied for the commercial management, was successful at the assessment centre stage, but like everyone before has said the positions are filled till Jan 2010. However, I have been offered a place on the Retail Management programme to start in Sept, just got to decide whether or not to take it.

Hope this helps



How long does it take for them to inform you about your offer after assessment center?


hey peops i was just wondering how lon after the assesment day does it take to hear back from hsbc?


did you find out how long it takes for the to get back to you after the assesment day


Hey guys,

I have been invited for the Assessment Center for March 10, 2009.

They say it begins at 10:30 and last until 16:30 at the latest

Here is what they say about the assessments for the day
“During the process, we will be asking you to undertake a number of exercises including a further interview. A number of these will be timed exercises where you will be expected to manage your time carefully, so please can you ensure you bring a watch with you as there are no clocks in the assessment rooms.”

Would any of you guys have any more precisions regarding these tests?



Sorry lvhoang, I told them that I won’t take part to the AC, but I hope someone will be able to help you, and that you will be successful !
Let us know the outcome of the AC, and good luck !


Thanks for the wishes :wink:
but why don’t you want to take part in the AC? Have you alrdy been accepted alsewhere ;D


Yes I received an offer from Citigroup, offer that I accepted.

But the funny thing is that after accepting the offer from Citi, I sent an email to HSBC asking them to withdraw my application because I couldn’t do it by myself. 20 minutes after I received an invitation to the AC, though I had been waiting for months ! (I had my phone interview in November, and I received a mail saying that AC would be run between December and February …).

Anyway, it was a good experience. As I said, best wishes for you application and I sincerely hope that you will be successful, we are in so bad times ! By the way, I suppose you are applying for Global Banking Advisory ?!


huh no, it’s Sales & Trading in the Global Markets Division (Forex, FI, Commo…) so I do not think we ll have the same exercise ^^

Good for you, Citigroup Im still waiting for their answer btw, I didnt even have the phone interview! LOL

Anyways congrats on Citi, nice bank you landed in!


Oh ok because the AC they invited me to was scheduled on the same day than you, so I thought that we were applying to the same division

Thank you for you congratulations :wink: and don’t forget to let me know :wink:


hey lvhoang,

are you applying to grads or intern program?

thanks and good luck!!


its Summer Internship program! AC due in a very few days!!! arrrgh



I have been selected for HSBC’s Selection Center for their International Management Program. Any insights on the interviews and group works that take place in this 2 day selection process would be appreciated.



mkhanna, congrats and good luck at Assessment Center! I’m having my phone interview on Tuesday, not sure how it would go since it’ll be my first phone interview. Would you mind sharing some insights for the phone interview round?
p.s I didn’t know the AC round lasts 2 days ?!


Hi Cheetos,

The telephonic interviews were very scenario based. I was asked about various incidents where I demonstrated leadership, team spirit, problem solving abilities, and other managerial aspects. It was very structured… very well defined. It was a little difficult to stick to the time and i did cross my time limit in a lot of answers.
It would be very helpful to you if you have already prepared your answers in advance, may be even practiced your answers as well. In all, your have 45 minutes for the interview and have to answer 6-8 scenario based questions related to the topics i mentioned above.

All the best