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Those who attended an Assessment Centre…How long after the event did you here about the job?



Yes, I think we received the same message, saying that AC will be running from Dec 08 to Feb 09 or something like that.

I had my phone interview one month ago, and I am still waiting for a mail noticing me dates and hours. What about you ?


Hi Shahaoneal,

My application for the IM program recently passed the first stage. I am now required to take the psychometric tests. I was hoping for your answers regarding these questions:

  1. The exams in HSBC site are similar to the ones in SHL site (the full numerical and verbal reasoning test)?
  2. How did you prepare yourself before taking the exams?
  3. What did they ask you during the telephone interview?




  1. There is no verbal test. The numerical test is very similar to SHL practice test
  2. I didn’t practice much, however practice on percentage and interest along with practice to deal with time pressure helps a lot
  3. Telephone interview is very structured. They mostly ask about the four competencies, mentioned in the HSBC grad interview process on this site.

Feel free to email of PM me if you need any further information. All the best.

Anyone there who have had IM assessment centre???



Thanks for the information. Could you please clarify the meaning of Logical Reasoning test?
On the web site they mentioned 2 tests: one Numerical Reasoning test and one Logical Reasoning test? I found on SHL an example for Numerical test but what do they mean by Logical?

P.S. I tried to send you PM but you are blocked.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks.



Logical reasoning is same as inductive reasoning test.


Thanks, Shahaoneal.

If I’ll find someone who already passed the AC I’ll give you the info you need.

All the best


Hey Shahaoneal,

I was also invited to the HSBC selection center for the International Management programme. Like you I am looking for someone who has already had theirs but havnt had much luck. I havnt had mine yet, supposed to attend the one in the U.S in about two weeks. Will surely let you know how it goes though.


Thanks dcac and ajsamad41. Really appreciate your help.

ajsamad41, good luck for your selection centre. Hope all goes well. I have sent you PM.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Hey guys, can anyone let me know what’s in store for a telephone interview? (Internship)



Did anyone take part in the AC for the Operation Management Scheme before?

I will have one at the end of January, any tips for that?

Thanks a lot!


Is anybody applying for Global Markets- Emerging Markets?
I have the phone interview in few days and would like to know more about it… the questions? are ther any technical questions?

Thanks a lot



Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here. I’ve been reading all the comments and I managed to pass my assessment centre. The advice from Jlee1 was spot on about the format of the day. If anyone has any questions about it I’d be more than happy to answer them. There were lots of questions in the motivational interview including things like how you react when you’re under pressure situations, what makes you frustrated and anxious etc. It was for the commerical management scheme.

I was also wondering if anyone else has got through the assessment centre for commercial or retail management? I was told that the commercial scheme was full for this year but that they would hopefully have spaces available in the January 2010 intake. It seems at the moment that I am a “successful applicant” rather than actually been offered a job. I was just wondering if anyone is in the same boat or has been and knows if there’s any chance that this could all go pear shaped!? I’m thinking of going travelling but don’t want to go and then come back and find out there’s no job for me!! Any advice??


Is there anybody who passed the AC for the IM program and can post the details?


Hi Shahaoneal,

Sorry but I’m still not clear about the four competencies… Can u plz specify… Also, approx. how much time does the interview last for and is there a specific time per question ?? Do they only seek for examples to the competencies ??

Thanks in advance.




Check the link for more information on interview. You can click on the ‘competency based question’ within that page to know more about the same. The interview lasts for about 45 mins though no specific time for each questions. Most of the questions were on examples to the competencies only.

Feel free to PM me if you need more information.



Is there anyone who knows the format and details for IMs’AC?
And do they send you to AC right after you past the phone interview? is there a face to face interview before AC?

Many thanks.


Hi willeast, congratulations!
I have passed my phone interviews with HSBC for some time now and I’m supposed to be invited for an assessment centre next week.
can you give me some examples of questions asked? Anything technical?
Thank you


Hi guys, I have passed the phone interview as well and I got an email today saying a review for the assessment centre is in process.
Can you tell me in what consists the Assessment Centre and what type of activities/questions they ask, how many applicants are per group, etc? Thanks!