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Hi guys, I’d like to know if the grad scheme is only focused on university students or can students from colleges apply as well. I have graduated from a relatively new and upcoming college. I dont know how HSBC would react to my degree.

Also, I want to apply for the executive management progrm. The website says that the candidates need to held a position as a school captain and stuff like that… does it really matter a lot during the telephonic and face-2face interviews… as I’ve not held anything substansive during my college and school days.



Hi jlee,

Congrats for gettin through the telephone interview…

Hey could u tell me something about the online verbal and numerical tests? I am really worried about it cos I am not so gud with numbers…

How are the questions? Is it basic or is some kind of preparation required? Could you please help?



Hi noob,

Can you briefly talk about your AC experience? What kind of activities you went through, and how hard were the interview questions at that stage? Thanks a lot.


haven’t had it yet!!!


Hey does anybody here apply for Hong Kong office? I got the message after phone interview but so far no information sent on AC. Thank you very much if you can give me hints on when AC for HK office might take place. Send me email please! i am not on this wiki always.

Jane from Beijing.



Anybody who has already been in an assessment center at HSBC for a graduate programme?
I would really appreciate if you could tell me how is it organized and what do you do there? Questions they ask, any role-play or case study…

Thank you


hihi, any one have AC experience would you please kindly give me some information on the kind of topic for the group discussion and some general information? thanks a lot, I applied private banking


my friend attended AC for Global markets in UK, for internship. and according to him, no technical question was asked. (he passed). but i am not sure this time. full time interview must be a little bit more difficult? i am waiting for AC too. anybody who already attended?

thanks a lot. i am applying global markets-sales.


Hello everyone:

Anybody who has already been in an assessment center at HSBC for executive management program?

I am really appreciated if you could tell me how is it organized? is there any test? Questions they ask?

Thank you


ok Guys here is the info. I went to AC. half of day tough work. Three parts. 1, motivational interview with questions like why u want to join this scheme and other questions to know your personal behavious. as tell me about a situation where…and so on.
second part I found bit easy. They give you a case study with three possible solutions and you have to chose one of those and give your reasons for chosing it. last exercise is you interview three people, and on that base assessor asks you questions. its assessor who poses as three different people.
throughout this process you are with only one person. only one assessor for all day. no second person involved.
hope it helps.


For which division was that? Intern or grad? Thanks for the info!


Hey Guys,

I applied to the HSBC Retail Management Programme for January start as I applied late and had the impression the others were filling up pretty quickly.

I imagine the telephone interview structure to be the same.

Mind lasted for just under an hour and was purely competency based. There were 6 areas which I was being tested on, and thus had 6 questions. The areas were:

  • Customer drive
  • Leading performance
  • Driving business and brand
  • Working with others
  • Drive, commitment and personal development
  • Business judgement

They may sound daunting, but the questions were straight-forward. I was asked to follow the ‘CARE’ structure which massively helped. The CARE structure is:

C - Context
A - Actions
R - Results
E - Evaluation

I would advise people to follow that as it keeps your answers structured and will enable you to show customer drive, leading performance etc. There were times when the interviewer wanted to go back to my answer and find out a little bit more, but you shouldn’t take this as a negative sign and just remain confident and answer the question.

I passed and have been invited to the AC. I’ll post my experiences after I’ve attended it, but in the meanwhile, I hope the above can help those who have a telephone interview coming up.


hello PS:

  when is your AC?


Hi jlee1,

I was just wondering, for which Grad Scheme did you apply for?



hello jlee1:

      what kind of case study would be? many thanks for your help.

best regards



Is anybody applying for International Management programme?
I have the Final Assessment Centre in Feb 09 and would like to know more about it.


Did anyone receive an invitation to assessment center for summer internship after a successful telephone interview?

The email I got said their assessment center would start Dec 8 but I didn’t hear of them since.


hi jlee1

i’ll really be grateful if u kindly give me some information on HSBC ac.

  1. did u have to present for the 2nd task (case study)? or u had to write something like a report?

  2. wasn’t there any grp exercise?

  3. when did u hear bck from them?

thanks & regards



Hi Guys,
Any one applying for HSBC finance scheme?