Hsbc assessment centre



Did someone already pass an AC in HK ? I am still waiting for HSBC invitation…


same here… still waiting… when did you take the interview?


hi, can we please talk on the phone. I will be having an interview on this Thursday.


Hi, I have passed an online assessment for New York IB Summer Analyst position but still waiting for the interview invitation :frowning: Is anyone still in the same situation?


hey! thank you so much for sharing - that’s really helpful. for the written exercise, was it very statistic-based with a lot of commercial knowledge needed? or more like all the information that you needed was provided? I’m going for the RBWM programme so assuming it might be a slightly different exercise :S


hey i am going to have an AC in Hk too do you have anything that can share with me?


Hi, I am having an ac for RBWM programme this Friday. How did it go? Could you share some experience with me?


Hi Wang, I hope your AC went well! Can you share some tips about the AC?Thank you!


Hi, sorry to bother you with this but I have my online assessment for HSBC tomorrow. Can you please share your experience and also how you prepared for it. I would be utterly grateful. Thank you so much.


Hello Alex, hope you are well. Will you have AC for HSBC recently? My ac will be on next January. Do you have any tips for this? thank you for share!


I also have an AC there in January. Which scheme are you going for? I am worried about the Technical Interview!!!


Anyone having the AC in Birmingham on 17/1?


I applied for RBWM, what about you ?


hi, yeah I am coming for the afternoon AC! Applied for Commercial Banking Global Graduate Programme. Still having trouble understanding what the programme actually consists of!


does this mean the AC is a mix of people from different programmes?


It seems to be, which means the only part that will be programme specific is the individual face-to-face competency interview


Same. I’m applying to that programme too. Do you have any ideas about the tasks?


Tasks on the AC or the programme itself? Not much of an idea about the programme as the website doesn’t give much info and there is not much insight from current grads on the web on this particular programme. I’m still unclear whether I would be working in HSBC branches across the U.K. (which I don’t want) or in the HQ in London or Birmingham. In terms of the AC I just know what they sent on the email invite, I don’t think you are able to prepare for most of it.


Anyone gotten an invite in NY yet? RBWM here


I just submitted my application for RBWM. Have you done the OIA yet?