Hsbc assessment centre



Received an email today to attend AC in Singapore for HSBC Global Markets. Anyone else?



I just got invited for the AC in London on the 8th Nov. Anyone else?


Hey, congrats!
Is it also IBD summer? When did you finish your telephone interview?


Hi, I am going to AC on the 8th! which division?


got invited for an AC on the 11th November. you managed to find anything regarding the interviews?


I had passed the online assessment however I received an e-mail saying that I do not met their minimum requirement and therefore will not proceed with my application. Anyone have the same situation like me? I was really looking forward to the interview part. Sigh.


any replies yet?


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Do you know how long it takes to hear back the result after AC in Singapore office?


How long are your final rounds going to be? Are you in banking? I am going for a coverage group and it’s only going to be an hour long with the M.D’s and Directors.




Hi Calypso,


Hello guys, I have passed the phone interview for the off cycle global banking internship in hong kong but I havent heard back for the assessment center yet, has anyone heard back??


I had the online assessment two weeks ago. I didn’t get their replay yet! Is it means I failed? How long it takes to reply? Thanks


Hi have you heard back about AC? I’ve been waiting for 2wks…


No I haven’t. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks as well. Please let me know if you hear smth


hey i just did my telephone interview for the Singapore office on 12/12 and was wondering how long did they take to let you know you’ve passed and when was your AC? Thanks!


Hi guys,

I had an AC for an off-cyle internship in Global Banking & Markets. Was unsuccessful.

Consisted of:

Written exercise:
1h to read and answer 8 questions. First questions related to the SWOT analysis while others related to finance. You should know what EBITDA is. The information is comprehensive but not everything is relevant. The case described a bakery and the market they were in. The package from Job Test prep was helpful.
What is important: ACCURACY. I focused on finishing on time rather than on the quality of my answers and that probably dragged me down.

Group exercise: follows the same case as the written exercise. Don’t worry about memorising stuff from the written exercise. Everyone of you will be given a different strategic alternative. You will have to rank them and pitch for your alternative to be ranked first.
What worked for me: setting the structure, conveying my alternative clearly and confidently, involving others into the discussion, keeping track of time, mentioning pros and cons.
Just before finishing you will be given some information and you will be allowed mroe time. We did not agree on the actual ranking on time but judging from my feedback that was not the most important thing.

Situational Judgement Interview: like the tests but this time someone is asking you and you have to answer on the spot. I cannot remember the actual questions exactly but it went on the lines of:

Your former boss asks you to do something. How do you proceed?
Something comes up and you cannot do it anymore. What do you?
You sent confidential information to the wrong people. What do you do?
How do you demonstrate analytical skills? They will ask for more than 1 example if they are not convinced.
A time you did a mistake?
A time you overcame a challenge?
Important: good eye contact, do not fidget, good body posture, talk confidently about your examples.

Business Interview:
Why HSBC compared to other banks
Why this job
What recommends you for it
Tell me about a recent deal in the news
What s your view on the economy


Hey thnx for the info, was this for the Hong Kong office? when did you hear you had made it to the assessment center and when did you have it?