Hsbc assessment centre



Hi, when will be your ac?


Hello, I am going to have my ac two days later. Can I add you on QQ or FB, it might be easier to talk there.


Hello, Jerome.min, can I ask you some details about the assessment center? I am going to have mine 2 days later and I have never been to an ac. Could you please kindly share with me your experience? Thank you .


Hey Emma,

I can share some ac experience with you and feel free to contact me at
Or you can email me your phone number or wechat or qq id. :slight_smile:


hi everyone…
i was just reading through this thread and was wondering if anyone can share any experiences of the AC? anything will help. im so nervous and this is my first ever assessment centre! i was wondering what the day consists of, how many people are there?
ruby x


Which business stream?


Hi mz6785,

I am in the same situation you were in. I know it has been a while, but can I ask whether you were called for an AC afterwards?

I was scrolling down this thread and wanted to see what happened, as I am in the same situation.

Hope you can help, thanks.


Hi guys, I have applied for a graduate program in Singapore, in Global banking (coverage & advisory). I passed the phone interview, but I haven’t heard from the bank since their email that said I met their min requirement for the phone interview. Did anyone else applied for this role? Many thanks!


Hey guys,

I just found out today that I passed the telephone interview for the Retail Banking & Wealth Management programme, but they said a place at the AC is not as of yet guaranteed. Anybody in the same position? Do you have an idea how long it would take to find out whether I made it to the AC? Thanks.


Just got an email on 18 Dec that I’m invited to the AC for Retail Banking & Wealth Management…any tips?


Done my telephone interview over a month ago and no news at all. Don’t even know if I passed or failed the minimum requirement. Anyone?


Hey guys,

I have been invited to AC in Singapore for the M&A graduate program and I’d like to know if anyone had some insight about what the day will be composed of. I know there are SHL test and probably case studies, but no much more than that. Many thanks!


hi everyone! I’ve been invited for HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management Grad program. So if anyone could share their previous experiences with the telephonic interview - the kind of questions etc. then that would be great. I’ve been trying to look up for the same but there’s hardly any information available online. So your little help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: thanks.



I had one not long ago. Was pretty much broken down into 3 parts, first asking about education (pretty straightforward), then asking about motivation (typical questions why HSBC, why this role, why this industry), and then last part was competency questions. Competency was probably the hardest bit, but most of the questions centered around problem solving or overcoming a challenge/challenging people. Using honest examples is the best approach. I would also prepare as much as you can for the competency part just because they could ask you anything!


Hi how was your AC going? I recently have a invitation for Retail Banking & Wealth Management AC as well. what will it be like? How should I prepare for it?


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Hi, is there anyone going to AC in London this year?


Hi, last week I received the email saying that I met the minimum benchmark of the 1st round. But afterwards, no updates about the AC.
Did you already receive the AC in London office??



Nooe. The same situation as yours…Waiting


Hey, I applied in Canada so this may be different, but I finished the Online Assessments mid-October, notified I was successful then had a phone interview last Wednesday (Oct 26, 2016). I was told I will be notified of an in person AC by Nov 4th, before making it to final rounds (if successful). Any updates on your end?