Hsbc assessment centre



I have been invited to hsbc’s ac. I’ve had a look through their wiki, and was wondering if anyone had anymore experiences?


hey noob,
congratulations getting this far in the process and wish you luck landing a job! can i ask you which position are you applying to? i did a few very strange personality questionnaires for a corporate banking graduate scheme a few days ago, but haven’t heard back since. Was wondering how long it took them to get back to you?


thanks!! ok, my hsbc experience has been a little stressful thus far, but it has made me think of the people who work there as really nice and helpful etc. i basically got an invite for the tests 2 days after i submitted my form. i did the first test, but experienced a heck of a lot of trouble for the rest. so it took more time than it should have. as far as i could tell, i was supposed to recieve automatic invites for all the tests - but didnt. think you should give them a call, just to check up on where your application is at. there were lots of problems with my account on their website . but anyway, after i completed all the tests, i got an invited to the telephone interview the next day. after my telephone interiew - got invited to ac the morning after. so, it was all meant to be a quick process for me. BUT i did apply for HR, so i’m sure its different from corp banking. think there would be more applications, therefore more time involved. but i would recommend you giving them a call anyway!



oh just so that you’re clear- after you complete the personality questionnaire, you’re supposed to recieve automatic invites for the numerical test.


Hey noob. Do you know how many grads HSBC take on their HR grad scheme each year? Have you been applying for HR positions anywhere else?


I have no idea how many hr positions there are. i’d guess quite a few though, seems like a big programme. I’ve been applying to various banks for hr positions - db, ubs, rbs, gs, err can’t remember the others. a lot have put a pause on their hiring for this division unfortunately. But i’m not too concerned; i’ve got an offer from kpmg, which i think i’ll accept even if i get offers from banks, as i think its a slightly more stable area to be in right now. plus quite a few of big 4 grads make the switch to hr after a few years, so that might be a possible route for me.


Do you mean switch to IB?

Is the WikiJob wiki for [[KPMG]] the same process for HR?

Well done on the offer. You’ll certainly be safe in accountancy. Sounds like you have a good plan :slight_smile:


oops, i guess i should make myself clear! no, i applied for audit at kpmg, and have got an offer. i also applied to hr in banks - which would be my ideal job if the situation wasn’t so bad. thats why audit was my safer option - in the long run, its a lot better.
but from what i’ve heard, a lot of people go into big 4 in whatever area, and switch to hr in banks after a couple of years. so that may be a possibility.


Hey noob, are you supposed to do the verbal and numerical tests straight away after the personality questionnaire? How much time they gave you to practice?


Hi noob,

Hope you did well in the assessment center and got the offer by now.

I applied HSBC executive management programme and got invited to the telephone interview (i have not confirmed the date with them yet), it would be grateful if you could provide me some tips like what questions to expect and what traps to look out etc. (just becoming more and more nervous as this would be my first telephone interview)

Many thanks!


Hi firstlink,
I applied for the Executive management programme with HSBC. I even completed the online tests but I am not getting a reply from them. How many days it took for you to get a telephone interview? I did the test last week. waiting for your reply.


Hi Vivekrao,

It took more than a week for them to get back to me, so if you did the test last week, i’d say you might hear from them sometime this week or early next week.

I don’t think you need to worry about your test, as you failed the test, they normally send you an email staright away.

All the best !


Andy L- i’m under the impression thats what’s supposed to happen. i had so many technical problems that nothing happened as it should have, so i’m not too sure!! you get about 5 days to do all of them tho!

as for the telephone interviews, it was kinda standard. i’m trying to remember the questions:

  • tell me about a time when you had to work with a new team - i think that was looking at how you build team spirit
  • tell me about a time you taught someone how to do something
  • tell me about a time you solved a problem you had no solution to

i’ll try to remember the rest. in total there were 6 questions. i’d advise you to just sound confident, because they only have your voice to judge you by.


Hi noob,

Many thanks for your kindly help!

Will they ask anything about current commercial issues, as commercial judegement is one of HSBC’s competencies.

Thanks again for your advise


nope, but i just remembered, they did ask when you worked in a team to meet a business target/expectation - e.g delivering good customer service etc.

you won’t get asked anything about why hsbc, why the role, or current affairs. just 6 competency questions.


I’ve applied to HSBC global markets, passed both the tests but my application is still under consideration? (20 days since I completed the test) - Has anyone else experienced the same thing? I think I may be rejected.


Its been a while since i completed the numeracy n the verbal tests…still the status on the online system says “Testing”, havnt recieved any mails from them eithr :S…should i be contacting thm to find out?


hi noob,
did u get an assessment centre invitation??
I passed the tests and they’ve sent me a link to update my profile…


yeah, i got an email saying i passed the interview stage, and will be invited to an AC. still no news from them tho


I have my first round telephonic interview with HSBC coming up…can anyone please tell me what the interview is like? and what sort of questions should i be expecting? I have applied for the executive management tainee program.