HSBC Assessment Centre Urgent help needed (internship)


Hi guys,

I have applied for a summer internship in the HSBC structuring team. Need help in preparing for the assessment centre. (the coming week!)

May I know about the case study?? Which sector they are asking about?? Anyone of you attended the assessment centre for structuring?? Any tips?

Also, how about the business interview?? What type of questions should I prepare??

Many thanks in advance.



Ive applied for a summer internship in the HSBC Strategic Transaction Group… I have my assessment centre in a week! pls help. I have no idea what to expect! is it just going to be group assignments? or will there be a numerical test and interviews etc?



just had assessment. HSBC interviewers and the other assessors are really relaxed and helpful


Can you please give us a detailed description of what happened at the assessment centre, what type of questions you were asked, what kind of scenario did they give you etc.



I noticed there wasn’t much help on here for graduates going to assessment centre for hsbc, so I thought I would share my experience from one I attended last week for the Global Banking, Client Management graduate position:

What it involves:

  1. Written numerical test (from a book published by SHL, but these questions seem a lot easier than the online ones)
  2. Motivational Interview
  3. Business interview 1
  4. Business interview 2
  5. Case-study presentation to an assessor.

Motivational interview…
This was a competancy-based interview, with general questions to see if you have the drive to work for hsbc i.e. why client management, why hsbc, give a time when you showed initiative or went further than you needed to, are you ambitious, what motivates you… etc

Business interview 1…
This was the technical interview, questions included:

  • why hsbc (again)
  • who do you think are hsbc’s competitors… are there any other ones and why?
  • have you ever valued a company, how would you go about valuing one?
  • what is the difference between a share and a bond? which one will give you the better return if a company was to go bust?
  • tell me about something that is happening in the world and what you think about (talk about a current business issue and your opinion of it)
  • one brain-teaser: ‘what is the sum of the numbers 1 to 100?’
  • how do you think hsbc has managed to perform better than their competitors given the recession etc?
  • define an emerging market.

Business interview 2…
This was surprisingly very competancy-based with questions like:

  • tell me about a time when you’ve worked under pressure
  • tell me a time when you made a mistake
    there were lots of follow up questions here.

Case-study presentation…
You get 30minutes to look through a case-study, mine was about a fictional global bank, with various financial data, chairman’s statement, newspaper reports about business issues, customer data etc. In that time you need to understand the brief, come up with a structure for your presentation, think about the points you want to make and come up with justifications for every possible question they could ask you about it. The actual presentation should last 10mins with 15mins Q&A with the assessor.

Hope this information offers some kind of guidance and heads-up for anyone going to a hsbc AC in london anytime soon :).


Hey Smile 210…its great that you could share this information…its really helpful…could you please tell me if you had prior experience in your chosen position…i wanna know this since u mentioned that ur business interview was a technical one and i dont have any prior experience in finance beofre…also can u please tell me how many other candidates were there on the day of your assessment and the timeline to receive an offer?


Hi there, no worries :slight_smile:
No i didn’t have any experience in finance at all and one of the questions that every interviewer asked me was ‘why not’ and ‘why am i interested in finance now’, so they would probably ask you the same. I previously did lots of stuff in marketing so what i did was say what i liked about marketing (that links to the role in client management) and what i didn’t like about marketing, but I find really fascinating about finance. I think if you justify yourself then you’ll be fine, then they’ll throw in some financial questions to check you actually know your stuff.
When I went there were only 8 of us (including me), but I’m pretty sure there was more candidates because there was a tube strike that day and I know lots of people probably wouldn’t have been able to make it.
They say they get back to you within 48 hours and are very punctual! Hope this helps and good luck!


thanks smile210.I have my ac coming up for operations division.just wanted to know that how much time do they give you to prepare the presentation? is it within the 30 min ? any other things you would suggest me.

thank you so much


and also how long was each interview?

thank you


Hi smile,

Could you also let us know how you prepared for the interview, and also how best to answer any brainteaser questions?


Hey everyone,

yes you only get 30mins to look at and prepare what you want to do in the presentation with the case study given and each interview is 30minutes long.

well for me i knew where my weaker areas were and focused on those. Just prepare for it like you would do for any competency based interview and just make sure you know all the current issues in the financial/ business world, and of course, know your financial products.

for brainteasers i think its just best to try and be as logical as possible. I think that’s all they’re looking for, that you can approach the problem logically.


thanks smile.

Is the case study very exhaustive? I mean do you get sufficient time to read? Any tips on that please as in how u distributed your time? Any other brain teaser you were asked? and could you tell in more details about what financial products I should need to know?

Sorry to bother you so much smile.Just that it is my first AC so very nervous.

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards


Hi Smile,

Thank you so much for your kind sharing. It’s very useful :slight_smile:

I applied for HK Client Management about 1 month ago and passed the telephone interview on 18th Dec. Now, I am waiting for the AC. However, few weeks have passed and I still have not received any news on my AC…

Has the HK client management AC started yet? and how long do I need wait?

Thank you so much for your kind help




Hi Ginnylovebanking,

I have applied for the global markets - HK program. Jus passed my phone interview on 7th jan and waiting to hear about the AC now . . . .

Did u get any info about your AC ??

Thanks !


Hi there

I recently got a offer in Global Markets Operations in London .Anyone else received a offer for the same?


hi alive,

big congrats!!! may i ask how long did it take between your telephone interview and being invited to the AC? thx~~


it took me fuckin long! around 2 months,so be patient :slight_smile:


hi Denny,


but still no news… but probably now, no news is good news :stuck_out_tongue:

May I know which job postion have u applied?

Wish both of us can make it to the AC

yours sincerely


Hi Alive,

Good job!

please share with us some of your precious experience:)

yours sincerely


alright, alive thx 4 ur info.:slight_smile: