HSBC Assessment Centre [Internship] - Finance


Hi guys,

Just wanted to see if anyone here could share about how this went, I’ve read some stuff around here but wanted to know from you guys personally. This AC will be the final one for this division in mid March. The email says:

Numerical reasoning aptitude test
Motivational interview
Business interviews
Business-related case study discussion.

So can someone share how the motivational interview was, and how the busniess interviews were? Are they split into two? And what do you have to do for the case study?

I would be very grateful for the help :slight_smile:

Thank you



I am applying for the Global Private Banking summer internship program and was invited to AC on March 16. (I have not accepted due to my visa issues. They just told me that this AC is scheduled to be their last one so they cannot reschedule for me).

Which program are you applying for? And your AC is scheduled on which date? We may have a drink in London before the that (if I am lucky enough to get there)!



Mine is later than that mate 22nd, its for Finance …different divisions! :slight_smile:


How long did it take for you to hear back?


Hey there! Just got a quick one. When does the executive management trainee program start for 2012 for HSBC?
Thanks in advance